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American Idol: Jorge and Jasmine Talk About What's Next

American Idol: Jorge and Jasmine Talk About What's Next

Last week, American Idol welcomed a bonus contestant into its final round — but this week, two members of the top 13 were sent packing. On Thursday, Jasmine Murray and Jorge Nunez chatted with reporters about their Idol exits and what's next for them.

  • Both of them are headed back to school. Jasmine's a junior in high school, while Jorge's a college student looking to become a lawyer. Both said they'll continue on with their studies.
  • But they both plan to keep singing. "Music is my priority now," said Jorge, while Jasmine said she wants a career in music after college: "It's really where my heart is."
  • They think the new "judges' save" is just fine — even though it didn't help them. Jorge said that after he first heard of the twist, he figured it would be something like this rule, which will allow the judges to save one competitor one time this season. "I kind of imagined it was going to be something like that, being that this year there's so much talent in the show," he said. Jasmine said she had faith up till the end that the judges might use the save on her, but "they probably wanted to save it, so that's OK with me."

For a couple of other tidbits about their Idol experience, including what they would have performed for next week's country week, just


  • Jorge said he was closest with Jasmine, Allison, and Lil, who calls him "Jorgito," or "Georgie."
  • Jasmine said she didn't get to spend much time at the Idol mansion's bowling alley, which looked so awesome on TV. Instead, she spent most of her time practicing in the house's spacious studio.
  • Jorge said he hadn't heard anything more from Marc Anthony and J. Lo since they contacted him about his semifinal win, but "I'm pretty sure [hearing from them] was just a sign that things are going to be great for me."
  • He also said he wasn't offended by Simon's "Bad" joke on Tuesday (Jorge, explaining his song choice, said he didn't want to "sing 'Bad,'" and Simon shot back "You kind of did"). "He's really fast," Jorge said. "He's smart, he's witty . . . At the moment it was funny, but you know what, Simon, come on! But he's a great guy, and that's the first time that he has told me something like that throughout the whole competition. I'm really happy with his comments toward me."
  • Had they continued on, Jorge was considering Carrie Underwood's "I Know You Won't" or Martina McBride's "Anyway" for country week next week. Jasmine hadn't chosen a song yet but was considering something by Underwood or LeAnn Rimes.

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