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"American Idol": Now, That Was Actually Good

I think Tuesday's "American Idol" performance show might have been the one I've been waiting for all season — and it couldn't have come at a better time. Singing three songs apiece, each of the final three turned in at least one pretty good performance, making tonight's elimination tough to predict. Will America vote on personality, putting Jordin and Blake in the finals? Or will they go by talent, setting up Jordin and Melinda for the head-to-head finale?

Tuesday's show also gave us some glimpses into the contestants' offstage personalities (finally!), with Jordin freaking out over getting a star on her local mall's version of the walk of fame — the only star, so far as I could tell — and Melinda wiping away tears when her town named a street after her. While I usually dread the results show, I'm actually looking forward to seeing the rest of the hometown visit footage tonight.

But at the end of the night, someone will have to leave. Don't forget to vote on who you think is going home, and to read my take on the performances,

Jordin Sparks:
First song — "Wishing on a Star," Simon's choice. It started out a little rocky, but Jordin was grooving it by the chorus — and grooving might really be the only appropriate word, because the arrangement was some weird smooth jazz thing. Randy said it sounded like Beyonce, Paula didn't say much but seemed to like it, and Simon hated the arrangement. You'd think the judge who picked the song would get to have some say in the arrangement, too, but maybe not.

Second song — "She Works Hard for the Money," producers' choice. Her voice sounded better on this one, though she looked a little less comfortable and more tentative than I'm used to seeing her. Randy said Jordin was hot no matter what she sings; Simon said she seemed a little old-fashioned. I actually agreed more with Randy than with Simon on that one.

Third song — "I Who Have Nothing," Jordin's choice. For some reason the dress she wore for this song reminded me of one of my old dance recital costumes, and that plus the song itself gave me a very musical theater-ish vibe. The big issue — as Simon summed up well in his comments — was that Jordin is so emotional when she sings, and she really tries to connect, but she's just not believable singing such a powerful song at 17. I wish she'd done "A Broken Wing" instead.

Blake Lewis:
First song — "Roxanne," Paula's choice. Did anyone else think the backup singers sounded way off key during this performance? Blake sounded better than they did, that's for sure. His voice really doesn't have a lot of texture to it, but I thought it was a perfectly pleasant performance, though I could have done with less microphone-stand dancing. Randy and Paula liked it; Simon was lukewarm.

Second song — "This Love," producers' choice. Ugh, I hate this song, but I admit it was the perfect choice for him. Even his beatboxing was perfectly appropriate. He's not a great singer, but he is a great entertainer (remind you of anyone, Taylor Hicks?), and this performance played to his strengths. Randy told him to make sure he does songs like that when he decides to make an album, and I totally agree.

Third song — "When I Get You Alone," his choice. I'm going to say that if Blake stays in the competition tonight, this will be the performance that saves him. The Robin Thicke song had a great energy for him, and he delivered a good vocal performance with — again! — appropriate beatboxing. Absolutely my favorite performance of his in the whole competition. Also, I applaud him for incorporating plaid into each of his three outfits over the course of the night. The judges liked it — even Simon, grudgingly.

Melinda Doolittle:
First song — "I Believe in You and Me," Randy's choice. I guess you're allowed to sing Whitney Houston if the judges make you. But they shouldn't make you, because damn, this is the first time she's sounded bad in this competition (at least to my ears, my boyfriend's ears and the ears of everyone in the Sugar chat room last night). The judges, on the other hand, heard a completely different thing, because they thought it was Melinda's best performance in a long time and awarded round one to her.

Second song — "Nut Bush City Limits," producers' choice. I didn't know this Ike and Tina Turner song at all, but Melinda totally rocked it, dancing like she hadn't since Bon Jovi night and working a serious Tina Turner groove. She really can be a great performer when she turns it on. The judges called it brilliant; Randy again awarded the round to Melinda, though Simon and Paula said it was a tie.

Third song — "I Am Woman," Melinda's choice. I was really excited when I heard she'd be reprising this; it was one of my favorite performances of hers earlier this season. I don't remember the details of that first performance, so it's hard to compare, but I loved how comfortable she seemed on stage, flinging her jacket around and busting some moves with the backup singers. I know I've said throughout this season that she seemed too old, or too awkward, or too shy to be the "Idol" champ, but she's so consistently good that I think she deserves a spot in the finals, at least.

Who should go home: This is so hard. I actually liked Jordin least on Tuesday, but overall I think she has the most star potential. I think Blake has the biggest fan base, and while he's disappointed me recently, he really redeemed himself on Tuesday. That leaves Melinda. If you'd asked me before Tuesday's show, I would have said she was the one to go; now, though, I really think she deserves to stay. So Jordin should go based on this week alone, but Blake should go based on overall talent.

Who will go home: I still have a feeling Melinda's going. I'd love to see her for another week, but actually, it would probably be OK for her to go now; I don't think she needs the "Idol" title to have a great career.

Photos courtesy of Fox

Join The Conversation
lea88 lea88 10 years
man,that was fast.
Auntie-Di Auntie-Di 10 years
Blake will take the Bronze, Melinda the Silver, Jordin the GOLD, just my 2 cented prediction. They all have a future recording so I'm sure no matter who leaves or wins they will ALL have MANY, MANY, doors of opportunities ahead of them.
Livience Livience 10 years
I'm torn, too, Buzz. For the most part, I agree with all of your assessments! So hard to choose! I think all three have potential to have good careers post-show, no matter what rank they finish in.
Bonfire Bonfire 10 years
I did not like Melinda choosing to sing a song she already sang this season. No matter how good the song why do a repeat? She is one talented singer though, that's for sure. I think the finale is going to come down to Blake and Melinda.
SapphireSky SapphireSky 10 years
Blake and Jordin are much more marketable than Melinda. I think that the young performer vibe Jordin has would wear off more quickly than Blake's originality/fun quirkiness. Being from a performance background I'd have to say that Melinda, and then Jordin have the most talent. I guess what I'm saying is it is on tonight and anybody's game... but.... i gotta give a lil love to Melinda :)
How can you hate "This Love"?! That is like one of the best songs ever!! Its a hard decision this week as to who is going home. I hav a feeling its going to be melinda because Blake and Jordin hav such big fan bases! I mean, people LOVE them! And Blake totally ROCKED last night! But it might be Blake...tough call! I totally agree with Lorelei! Melinda IS one of the better singers, but she's kind of boring! I guess I'll have to watch to find out! _______________________________________________________________ U c@n St@nD uNd3r Mii UmBr3!!@
Linda-McP Linda-McP 10 years
My bets are on Melinda staying and Jordin going, but this is a tough call. Blake is a consistent entertainer, Melinda a consistent performer, and Jordin is...well, good consistently.
HeatherStJoeMI HeatherStJoeMI 10 years
I meant to say I don't think Melinda's going home. She BROUGHT IT each time. She's been so SOLID the whole season.
CocoChic CocoChic 10 years
OH MY LORD. The back-up singers in Roxanne were... unbelievably bad!
lemuse20 lemuse20 10 years
Yeah, I noticed the off-key backround singers in Blake's perfomance too! I thought I was going crazy or something, but they sounded bad!
Lorelei-Spirit Lorelei-Spirit 10 years
Melinda is boring. While she may be the best singer of the three - she's no American Idol. Lets not have another Taylor Hicks people. ;)
UTgirl UTgirl 10 years
Blake all the way! I don't know why I don't like Jordin but I don't. I guess I don't feel any sort of fondness toward her. She's talented though. Melinda I do like, very much so. Blake of course is close to my heart and I want him to go all the way!
Entertainment Entertainment 10 years
you guys are right — I was just talking about singing talent, but if we're talking overall entertainment talent, Blake is definitely up there. I think he's a great performer and more original than anything "Idol" has seen in a long time, if not ever. I never thought Taylor Hicks was a great singer, but he was a good entertainer and he won ... and I definitely like Blake more than Taylor Hicks.
rainonme224 rainonme224 10 years
I don't like Melinda, I want her to go. Girl can sing but something about her bugs me. I'd love a finale between Jordin and Blake, Blake winning of course. I'm pretty nervous for tonight because I really think it could go any way tonight which is pretty scary.
pud3333 pud3333 10 years
Hmm, talent is so subjective. If you mean pure singing talent, then Melinda and Jordin are in for sure, but if you mean artistic talent, then Blake takes the cake. He's the only one who showed any attempt at originality when it came to taking a song, and making it his own, sometimes by rearranging it. Sometimes it was a hit, other times it was a bomb, but that's what real artists do, they take risks and try to make something new. You just know that while Melinda and Jordin are great singers, they'll put out a copycat CD of either whitney or mariah or any one of the other divas. Where as with Blake, he'll probably put out a cd that will have a few surprises on it. After all, he was mixing and arranging and recording his own songs to his own beats before he came on Idol. At this point, it doesn't matter though, because all three will probably get a deal anyway.
bhilb bhilb 10 years
I completely disagree that Blake should go home based on talent. Blake is the only one--all season, and maybe in the history of AI--that could do what he does on stage every week and make it a hit without having to change anything. He may not be the best singer, but he's definitely a very talented entertainer. AI has taught us that there's a lot of great singers out there, but vocal talent doesn't matter if you don't appeal to the public.
crispet1 crispet1 10 years
Its a tough call.
HeatherStJoeMI HeatherStJoeMI 10 years
I don't think it will be Melinda.
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