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American Idol Recap: Hollywood Week

American Idol: Hey, It's Hollywood Week!

American Idol knows what to do with good singers, crowning champions and giving them record deals. And it knows what to do with bad singers, putting them on TV for weeks and weeks at the start of every season to give America a laugh. But it really doesn't know what to do with mediocrity, and that's what makes the Hollywood Week portion of the season so annoying. With the top talent from around the country in the room, waiting to be narrowed down to 24, you think AI would spend more than just one day showing us how the singers do. I don't even have a sense of how many times each singer had to go before the judges, but it sure seemed like a lot, and it would have been good to really see what they go through.

One of the much-hyped changes about this year's Idol was that the contestants would get to play instruments as well as sing during Hollywood Week. I'm not so sure that one will be back. When I talked to him a while back, Simon Cowell said that development was "not a particularly good thing or a bad thing," but I'm not sure I would have guessed that from his attitude last night, where he tended to say the instruments were distracting at best. The first contestant we saw, Brooke White, got praise for playing the keyboard and doing a "Carly Simon/Carole King thing," but after that, it was all down hill.

While I was a little bummed at not seeing some of my favorite contestants from the auditions — where was that shy little Samantha Sidley, who got a surprising amount of Internet buzz after her audition? Where was that brother and sister team? What about that girl whose sister was in love with Simon? Still, some of the most memorable contestants did make an appearance, and I think I have some guesses about the top 24, so to read more of my thoughts on Hollywood Week, just


  • At this point, I'd say Brooke White, Carly Smithson, and Kristy Lee Cook all seem like locks on the girls' side. Carly, especially, got quite a bit of screen time last night.
  • Also, if Syesha sounded that good hoarse, I'd guess she's sticking around — and probably for awhile.
  • The guys' side was harder. The producers obviously love Josiah and his story, and he's been fun off and on, but that last performance was dreadful — and probably a sign that he can't hold up to Idol's rehearsal schedule. Judging from screen time, Michael Johns seems like he's sticking around, plus David, the really young-looking teenager.
  • The producers seem to have avoided the year's most obvious Alaina Alexander/Haley Scarnato situation by bumping Amy Flynn. She would have been insufferable by the second week.
  • Now let's hope they avoid a Sanjaya situation by bumping Kyle.
  • In one of the rounds, are the contestants given a particular short list of songs to sing? I can't imagine that many people singing "Everything I Do" or "Light My Fire" on their own.
  • Something pretty shocking: Paula was actually the deciding vote to kick someone off once Simon had said yes and Randy had said no. I'd just said earlier in the night that I didn't think that had ever happened.
  • Also, what's with Simon's tantrum? All the buzz earlier in the season was that he was too nice, so maybe someone told him to have a rude freakout to make up for it.
  • At one point, were all the contestants eating grape popsicles? There were an awful lot of blue tongues.
  • I'm going to go out on a limb and call out my favorite: Amanda, the rock 'n' roll nurse. That probably dooms her to be out before the top 12, but hey, America put Gina Glocksen through.
  • Best Seacrest line of the night: "The real torture will come later, as this two-hour American Idol continues."

Your thoughts? Early favorites? Early annoyances? Ready for tonight? I'm psyched to make my irrational predictions for the Top 12 after tonight's show, so stay tuned!


Join The Conversation
angelastrzr angelastrzr 9 years
what is that song that they were dancining to. sounds like jumpalina jump, dont laugh, I like the beat.
raieven raieven 9 years
Michael Johns is the poor mans James Blunt. I found that Irish chicks album on Amazon, wtf? I like Josiah's story but last night (final audition) he was acting a little too big for his britches, I mean excusing the band? Who do you think you are?! And this performance was sub-par, I'm not sure he is right for AI, he should just release a record of his own material. I'm so glad the rock chick/nurse is still in it, I tuned in late and didn't see her.
Sarahab145 Sarahab145 9 years
josiah sang grace kelly way better than mika, that version was gorgeous!
beram1220 beram1220 9 years
I actually thought the opposite and thought that last nights episode was BORING. I would rather see some episodes with the horrible auditions and then on to the final cut! None of this in between stuff!
saucymegstar saucymegstar 9 years
Yeah, the line about torture was too funny! It made me come back while channel surfing. The poor kid...Josiah. I sure hope it was merely lack of sleep but I really began to worry about his mental health. Not in a "he's so Crazy!" but in a "he could seriously hurt himself" way. He frightened me for his own sake.
radarkitty radarkitty 9 years
I'm bummed I missed this last night. :(
indielove indielove 9 years
I don't hear a British accent when he speaks. When he sings only. I wouldn't even call it British. If he's faking that voice, that really sucks. I hope it's authentic cause I do adore it. This year seems like it's going to be so tight with the competition. I hope it doesn't disappoint. And yeah MICHAEL JOHNS aka Aussie Guy is hot.
Phasekitty Phasekitty 9 years
I LOVE the Irish chick. I said to my bf last night that she's my new Gina. I also like the rocker chick nurse, but I think the Irish chick is better. I really like Asia'h too, I didn't remember her from the audition round, but when she started singing last night I was like, whoa. I said the same thing about Paula's "no" to the beauty queen last night! Although, I'm near positive that Simon said yes to force Paula to have to say no. There's no way they could have let her through after that performance. I was shocked that they didn't show Kristy Lee Cook, the chick from Oregon, screw up on her first round of auditions. When they showed her in the "second chance" round, I was like, "WHAT??" I thought they groomed her to be big in the audition round alone. She was an early favorite around our office. Also, I'm not such a fan of Josiah. I think he does mediocre at best every time he sings and he's starting to adopt a British accent when he talks, not just when he sings now. I think the judges give him way more credit than he deserves. I can't believe they smushed all of Hollywood week into one day...but I also can't wait to see the top 24 and get this competition underway! This is only the 2nd season I've tuned into AI, but I'm officially addicted.
em1282 em1282 9 years
Loved David Archuleta (too adorable, humble, AND talented--why can't I find guys like that my own age?), Michael Johns, and David Hernandez (think that was his name). I have seen some spoilers for the top 24 and it's surprising how many people who made it to the top 24 were not really featured last night. I also heard there was some type of scandal with the really good Irish rocker chick--like she had an album out already? Here it is: Scandalous! I wanted that one guy Leo to make it (guy from Iowa who cracked everyone up by saying his mom always wanted to have a prom queen in the family, but was hoping it would be one of her daughters ;)) but I don't think he made it that far. :( I also think the use of instruments was a mistake...I mean, unless you can pull off an Alicia Keys-type performance, forget about it. Focus on the singing.
x_juicyfruit x_juicyfruit 9 years
Oh, yes. I enjoyed the Aussie guy, too. I definitely think he'll make it. He has an excellent range. Oh Oh Oh! I forgot the girl from Ireland. She is INCREDIBLE. Her voice is good, but her stage presence and control is even better. She's obviously had formal training. She knows exactly how to work a microphone. I hope hope hope she gets through.
Elsa2 Elsa2 9 years
I really like Asia’h and David Archuleta (the teen with the big and wonderful smile). And Michael Johns (he's the Aussie, right ?!) is very good... and very very good-looking ! I really like a lot of them this year !
indielove indielove 9 years
Josiah is adorable. I like him a lot, he deserves a chance and thank God he got it. He just needs to make the very most of it. He's got a great voice, I would definitely buy his album if he ever had one. The Aussie guy, don't remember his name, is pretty good also. Strong voice, decent look...he's amazing really. Syesha is really good also and the Geek Squad looking dude, he's so funny. I like him.
x_juicyfruit x_juicyfruit 9 years
I'm just anxious to see the Top 24, and have the actual competition going. I don't really start to form opinions until then. I really like the rocker chick. For so long there have been these pseudo rocker chicks. You know, the black hair, the dark eyes. Then the open their mouths to sing, and are terrible (See: Gina). I don't think that's the case with this one. She's a gem. I think she'll shine. I like Josiah's story. He's a cutie pie, too. I think his personality will send him through, over his voice. He definitely has that Keane-Coldplay-Snow Patrol sound, but he needs to learn some technical tid-bits about singing. I hope he gets through, and grows. I really like Brooke White. I see her going far in the competition. She has the look, she seems like she'd be a role model, and her music is very "now" (the likes of Norah Jones and Corinne Bailey Rae). I think she'll go far. We'll see what happens tonight!
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