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"American Idol" Top 10: Rockin' With Gwen Stefani

"American Idol" Top 10: Rockin' With Gwen Stefani

You'll never hear me say this again, but I actually wish "American Idol" had been a little longer last night. Gwen Stefani dropped by to get the crew to sing songs by No Doubt and artists who had inspired her, and she seemed like a great guest coach. Unfortunately, since they were powering to get through 10 performances (plus banter) in 67 minutes, we didn't get to hear much of Gwen working with the singers. It would have been cool to see more of that, a la Peter and Lulu from last week.

Most of the performances seemed a little lackluster, though, which made way for Sanjaya's hair to make a big splash yet again. Seriously, there's no stopping him, is there? To see what I thought of the singers, and my prediction for who's going home,

LaKisha Jones (at left): First of all, she looked awesome. Second, it was nice to hear her do something upbeat and come out of her shell a little bit. Her "Last Dance" was fun, and the judges loved it. Man, it's rough to start with someone I can't make fun of.

Chris Sligh: Gwen picked on his troubles keeping up the tempo of "Every Little Thing She Does is Magic" in the rehearsal, and the problem definitely carried over into the live performance. I love his personality, but all his high notes sounded yelpy. Simon just called it a mess.

Gina Glocksen: Don't you get the feeling that Gina sat in her room singing Pretenders songs through her teenage years? I thought she totally rocked "I'll Stand By You," so I've got to pick on that metallic rubber band she was wearing. I assume she stayed by the microphone the whole time because she couldn't move without showing us things we didn't need to see.

Sanjaya Malakar (at right): This was a joke, right? His hair — oh, his hair — was up in a kind of mohawk-y thing make up of a lot of little ponytails along the top of his head, and then he kept flopping his head to make it sway. He tried No Doubt's "Bathwater" and didn't sound gut-wrenchingly terrible, but I cannot possibly sanction anything the kid does at this point.

Haley Scarnato: I thought "True Colors" was the kind of soft, sweet song she would actually have a fighting chance of doing well, and at least it wasn't cringe-inducing. The judges weren't thrilled, though, and Simon went back to calling her forgettable — presumably because she didn't shake her boobs in his face this week.

Phil Stacey: Phil picked "Every Breath You Take," which instantly made me think of him as a creepy bald stalker. Way to go, Phil. But this performance made me remember what's good about him, because it was right in his range. Again: Don't sing verses, Phil, just choruses.

Melinda Doolittle (at left): Melinda, honey, can you pick a song from this generation just once? I'm being picky, because I think she has the best voice and stage presence in this competition by far, and she did the disco queen thing well on Tuesday, but I'm afraid she's making herself seem too old to be an "Idol."

Blake Lewis: I got nervous about him doing a Cure song, but it was nice to hear him try something slow and simple (even though I'm not sure he got all the notes). He also toned down the fauxhawk, probably because he knew it couldn't compete with Sanjaya's. I'm surprised that the judges chose to criticize him for being boring, because I think it was the most out-of-character song he's done.

Jordin Sparks: I don't think there's anything she can't sing. (I typed that before Randy said it, I swear!) So far we've heard her do goopy Disney songs, Pat Benatar, and now No Doubt. I'm not sure I know who she is as a performer, but hey, she's 17.

Chris Richardson: Are there only two notes in "Don't Speak"? Because I think he sang the same two notes for most of the song. He just doesn't do anything for me. Paula and Randy liked his performance, but I side with Simon, who said it wasn't great.

Who's safe: LaKisha, Melinda, Blake, and Phil

Who should be in the bottom three: Chris S., Chris R., and Sanjaya

Who will be in the bottom three: Chris S., Haley, and someone totally surprising like Gina or Jordin. Chris R. had a scare last week, so his fans will be out in force, and Sanjaya's not going anywhere for a while.

Who's going home: It's a dead heat between Chris S. and Haley for me, so I flipped a coin, and the coin said Haley.

Photos courtesy of Fox

Join The Conversation
pinkprincess1101 pinkprincess1101 10 years
i don't think Haley is boring, i thing when she chooses good songs shes really entertaining
princess_eab princess_eab 10 years
I'm from San Antonio and Haley's still boring. Gwen seemed really bored to me! Phil can sing alright, but for some reason he creeps me out. Unfair, I know. Please, Sanjaya, go home, or someone who can actually SING will get sent home! (like Chris Sligh!)
bethiesny bethiesny 10 years
Okay, I concede the point. Gwen did have some constructive advice for some of the contestants. But didn't anybody else think her lipstick was too pale?!? :-)
pinkprincess1101 pinkprincess1101 10 years
well im from san antonio, i hope haley wins all the way
lorenashley lorenashley 10 years
I said the same thing crispet. She told the truth last night. Like with Haley, she said there was no need to add all the extra onto the song but she did anyways and it came out horrible. She said that song was too big for Sanjaya and look how it came out. The woman know what she's talking about.
crispet1 crispet1 10 years
I disagree with Bethie. Gwen had good comments and did not sugar coat things. There just simply wasnt the time to focus more on her. And Im glad Lakisha had fun with the song. It was good to see her dancing around.
Lindsb Lindsb 10 years
I thought Gwen looked beautiful.. But.. I wish you would switch Blake and Chris R up in your predictions for tonight. I love Timberfake! :( I hope he's not in the bottom 3. You are right on with Doolittle! I said the same thing last night. Amazing voice but.. I was bored.. and have been the past couple of performances. She might not win because she seems older.. she's gotta let loose!
bethiesny bethiesny 10 years
I thought the reason we didn't see much of Gwen coaching the contestants is because she didn't have anything to offer. It seemed like she was just there to smile and nod and then comment later for the camera. And did anyone else think her lipstick was totally washing her out?
lorenashley lorenashley 10 years
I was not impressed with Jordin last night. I was disappointed after what she did last week. I expected her to bring it. Gina wasn't as great as they're making her out to be though. Chris S. is going home and hopefully next week: Haley, Sanjaya, or Phil will go home. I loved how Gwen didn't sugar coat anything. She told the truth.
Maggie-Mae Maggie-Mae 10 years
And Gwen looks great
Maggie-Mae Maggie-Mae 10 years
I'm glad that you agree that Chris Sligh should be in the bottom 3! I hope he's going home he is really starting to annoy me. He thinks he's so great. Also love that Lakisha sang a fun song! And looked cute! Even Simon complemented her boots :)
LizaToad LizaToad 10 years
i thought gina did a great job, but haley was dissapointing... that song was a perfect choice for her, but came out in this strange sort of 'adult contemporary' vibe that the judges picked up on... :oy:
LizaToad LizaToad 10 years
phil stacy's song choice along with his bugged out creepy stalker eyes... that was a bit much for me!
LizaToad LizaToad 10 years
buzz - great recap as usual... i completely agree with all your comments... HAHA
crispet1 crispet1 10 years
Couldnt agree more with your comments except: Jordin couldve rocked that out better, much better than she did. Blake was boring. I dont think he did anything special with the song. Im glad he left out the beatboxing, but the song was flat to me and he seems to like to sing only in that range.
miss-britt miss-britt 10 years
Overall i thought the show was boring. But Phill did awesome as well as Kiki. I was disappointed that gwen wasn't shown giving advice but then when she did it was the same thing. So i kind of felt it was pointless and she wasn't that great. That's okay I still got love for miss Gwen Stefani. ****"Everything in life is only for now."-Avenue Q****
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