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Answers: BuzzSugar Oscar Quiz

If you haven't taken my Oscar Quiz yet, you should check it out. If you have and it turns out you're less up on your Oscar trivia than you thought, you can view the answers after this adorable photo...

To see the answers to my Oscar trivia quiz,

While it seemed the reign of Billy Crystal was endless, Bob Hope actually hosted more times. How many, to be exact?
Answer: 18

In 1973, Marlon Brando refused to accept his Best Actor award for his performance in The Godfather because:
Answer: he claimed the U.S. discriminated against Native Americans.
Brando refused the award because of "the discrimination toward Native Americans by the U.S." George C. Scott refused his Academy Award in 1970 for his performance in Patton because he said the ceremony was a "two-hour meat parade."

Which of these nominated films did NOT win Best Picture?
Answer: Saving Private Ryan

Morgan Freeman won an Oscar for his performance in which film?
Answer: Million Dollar Baby

For which of these movies did Katharine Hepburn NOT win an Oscar?
Answer: Philadelphia Story

Hilary Swank has won 2 Academy Awards. For how many has she been nominated?
Answer: 2

Which of these films won 11 Oscars, the most awarded to one film?
Answer: Titanic

Which Oscar winner said during her speech, "You love me! You really love me!"
Answer: Sally Field

How many women directors have been nominated as Best Director?
Answer: 3
Sophia Coppola, Lost in Translation (2003)
Jane Campion, The Piano (1994)
Lina Wertmuller, Seven Beauties (1976)

Which foreign-language film was nominated for the most Academy Awards (10 nominations, 4 wins)?
Answer: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

How old was the youngest Best Actor winner?
Answer: 29, Adrien Brody for The Pianist, 2002

Russell Crowe is rumored to keep his Oscar in:
Answer: a chicken coop, and he claims it makes his hens' eggs larger


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