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Apple Wants TV Episodes to Cost 99 Cents on iTunes

Here's something we didn't know earlier this week when we were talking about the spat between NBC and Apple's iTunes Music Store. According to Variety, Apple has been telling TV networks and studios that it would like to cut the price of episode downloads to 99 cents, essentially half of their current $1.99 price tag. That would make an episode of "The Office" cost the same as the latest Kanye single.

Networks aren't so thrilled about this plan, though, worrying that it would cut into their revenue from the sale of episodes. (Apple's counterargument: People would download more shows, making up for the price cut.) According to Variety, the biggest fear is that cheaper single episodes would cut into the sales of DVD boxed sets, which are key moneymakers for the networks and studios. Would people still buy the "Heroes" boxed set for $39.99 when they could download the season's 23 episodes for just $22.77 instead?

Personally, I'd still buy the set; it would still come packed with commentaries, deleted scenes and extra features that I couldn't get on iTunes. In fact, 99 cent downloads would make me likely to spend more money on TV, downloading favorite single episodes and not feeling that I'd already spent too much money by the time the DVD set came around. But what about you? Are networks right to feel skittish? Or do you think the price-slashing would be a good move?

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