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Will Arnett Signs Huge Development Deal With Fox

Fox Hires Will Arnett to Do Something Funny

Think Will Arnett's a funny guy? So do I. And so does Fox, apparently, because the network has just given him a mammoth deal to star in a new comedy — over which he'll have virtually complete creative control.

The seven-figure deal essentially means Arnett can work with anyone he picks, have the show be about anything he wants, and take the project to any studio he chooses. Basically, he's getting millions of dollars to go make a funny show with funny people. That's the life, right? It also just adds to the awesome year for one of my favorite comedy couples, since Amy Poehler has that whole Office non-spinoff spinoff going on.

Of course, having the whole world open to you can be a little daunting — so let's help Arnett out. What's your dream Will Arnett project? And don't say Arrested Development — though, come to think of it, I would totally watch a Gob spinoff . . .


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