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Arrow TV Show Review

Pilot Scoop: Arrow

The CW is adding an action-packed superhero drama to its Fall slate with Arrow, based on the DC Comics character Green Arrow. Stephen Amell plays the hooded archer, who is a vigilante by night and a rich playboy by day. Keep reading to find out if the series sounds like something you may want to watch when it premieres tonight.

  • What it's about: Oliver Queen (Amell) resurfaces a few years after being presumed dead in a shipwreck. When he's returned to his home, he has a big secret: he learned quite a few deadly skills on the island he was marooned on (including the titular bow and arrow), which he can now use to fight crime. What happened to him on the island isn't the only skeleton in his closet, though; before he disappeared, he was an irresponsible party boy cheating on his girlfriend (Katie Cassidy).
  • Where it works: The action of the pilot is exciting, especially Amell's physical feats when he's acting as his alter ego. Plus, his scandalous backstory is as soapy as the other guilty-pleasure shows The CW is known for.
  • Where it doesn't: Cassidy and Amell don't have much chemistry, and it's clear that he's supposed to want her back, even though she's understandably angry at him. Also, Oliver's disguise mostly consists of a hoodie, which doesn't exactly create a shroud of mystery.
  • When it's on: Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on The CW.
  • You might like this show if: You hate waiting for a new superhero movie to come out.

See some pictures and a preview of Arrow after the jump.

Stephen Amell as Green Arrow.

Stephen Amell plays Oliver Queen in Arrow.

Stephen Amell on The CW's Arrow.


David Ramsey as Diggle on Arrow.

Stephen Ammell wears a hoodie as Green Arrow on Arrow.




Katie Cassidy as Laurel and Stephen Ammell as

Image Source: The CW
flashtrum flashtrum 5 years
I've been disappointed for years now that Marvel has had so much success in bringing so many of their characters to the big screen while DC just keeps falling back on Batman and Superman. Even now, Superman is quite stale, and it looks like we'll have yet another re-telling of Superman as a boy, Superman on the farm as Clark Kent, and Superman/Kent going to work at the Daily Planet (YAWN). Outside of Green Lantern, which was "ok" and Young Justice on Cartoon Network (which does the entire DC Universe proud with it's guest stars), DC seems to be sitting on a treasure trove of well-written characters.    Perhaps this changes somewhat with Arrow. the pilot was intriguing, and left me wanting to know more about Ollie Queen. I agree there is zero chemistry with him and his long lost girlfriend, but it appears best pal Tommy broke the man code anyway and bedded her down.    I had to raise and eyebrow when Ollie called his sister "Speedy". Any DC fan worth his weight knows that in the DC Universe Speedy is Green Arrow's sidekick (except on page it's a dude). That's another plot line to follow. I'm putting Arrow on my must see list for now and it's already teed up on TIVO should I not be able to watch it live.
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