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Ashton Kutcher to Replace Charlie Sheen on Two and a Half Men

Ashton Kutcher to Replace Charlie Sheen on Two and a Half Men — Spot On or So Wrong?

UPDATE: It's now official.

The fate of Two and a Half Men has been up in the air for months, but now it appears that CBS may have finally come to a solution: Ashton Kutcher is in final negotiations to replace Charlie Sheen on the hit sitcom. A more formal announcement should come within a few days, but apparently the offer opened up to Kutcher after Hugh Grant passed on the opportunity.

Bringing in Kutcher could be a brilliant move — or it could be the nail in the coffin for Two and a Half Men. On the one hand, Kutcher has potential to bring in a younger, different type of audience, and his attachment alone could be ratings gold when the show returns in the Fall. He's also got plenty of sitcom experience under his belt thanks to That '70s Show. That said, the story line would have to be tweaked, and it's more than likely that loyal fans won't find enough reason to tune in without Sheen. As we wait for more details (and a confirmation), what's your take on the latest casting news?

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Shannon-Vestal Shannon-Vestal 6 years
If he reprised his role as Kelso, I'd be psyched.
care0531 care0531 6 years
Sure Kutcher would be funny but he's no Charlie Harper. What was great about Harper was that he was aging...older and still a ladies man. Ashton is to young. I am guessing he wouldn't be playing the same role of Charlie Harper and they would just create a new a cousin or half brother or something. I just think they should cancel the show and create a new series based on some of the same characters from 2 and 1/2 Men.
cibele cibele 6 years
This is terrible. And I was so excited about the Hugh Grant news.
genesisrocks genesisrocks 6 years
Who cares? Two and a half men hasn't been good for a long time.
chantelcen chantelcen 6 years
Here's an idea....cancel the show. Love Kutcher though
nickpirce nickpirce 6 years
I'm surprised that ashton kutcher would want to do TV after so many successful movies.
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