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As Avatar continues to annihilate the competition at the box office, the comparisons to James Cameron's other baby, Titanic, are bound to come up. Not only is Avatar on track to threaten Titanic's title as the biggest money maker of all time, but my dear friend Molly pointed out that both Avatar and Titanic received an 83% on Rotten Tomatoes' Tomatometer. I know that they are totally different movies, but just for fun, which movie do you think is better?

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Jeffrey3391453 Jeffrey3391453 4 years
avatar is better it has a better story it haS more meaning it relates to indigenous people, it covers colonisation and covers a lot more theme from a creative stand point it more avatar is a lot better. you need a story to write down before you make a movies so it's the story that makes the movie great. pple seem to say it sell because of the visual  effects you need more than that.
Mikee2491731 Mikee2491731 5 years
I think I'll have to go with Avatar. or Both. 
lyndzi16 lyndzi16 7 years
I absolutely loved Avatar...i thought it was amazing in every way, but Titianic has always been my childhood and teen years favorite movie. Titanic will always beat out avatar!
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