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What Did You Think of The Avengers?

After its record-breaking opening weekend, The Avengers is already a bona fide blockbuster. The action flick wrecked the box office, but I want to know what you thought of the film itself. Were you into the Tesseract storyline? Was Bruce Banner's transformation into The Hulk everything you wanted it to be? Did you like Loki as the villain? If you were one of the theatergoers who went out to catch The Avengers, let me know your opinion and whether you think it really earned its place in movie history.

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SIF2012 SIF2012 5 years
Movie was very very good!! Thor's battle with the Hulk didn't competely show how strong/powerful Thor really is!! (in fact the entire movie didn't showcase Thor's power). Having one of the most powerful being in the Marvel universe "sucker punch" was disgraceful!! Also Thor can do everything Hulk can do and more!!! There's know way that Iron Man could get the drop on Thor as well. I would have liked to seen something else to battle beside the big metal "transformers snake". Marvel need to find a bigger MAN to play THOR!!!!!!!!!
Ptm368 Ptm368 5 years
RIP: Phil Coulson... A memorial service will be held, followed by a schwarma party!!   
gd101 gd101 5 years
I loved The Avengers. It's definitely worth seeing more than once. It's was funny and action-packed! I was worried about one character outshining the other, thankfully, they were all equally great! I cannot wait to see Iron Man 3.
michle0301 michle0301 5 years
Loved it! Loved the humor, the action and so glad Loki was the villain in this. Everything about it was great! Can't wait to go see it again.
jaan_black jaan_black 5 years
loooooooooved it...I'd like to be double teamed by Thor & Capt. America
emartinez2 emartinez2 5 years
Fantastic movie!!!  The action was great, storyline was great, there was lots of humor and it kept you excited!  Loved it!
modafiniljunkie modafiniljunkie 5 years
My husband and I loved it so much we saw it twice.  Fun story, great banter between the characters, and plenty of action.
boogashoe boogashoe 5 years
I loved it! Can't wait to see it again so I can catch the funny dialogue moments I know I missed (there are lots!).
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