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Who's the Hottest Guy in The Avengers?

As the May 4 release date of The Avengers inches steadily closer, we've been eating up all of the pictures and new peeks at the film. Recently we got a glimpse of Scarlett Johansson kicking butt as Black Widow, and while we love a badass female superhero, we can't help but appreciate all the genetically gifted guys in this movie as well. Sure they've got superpowers, but the super good looks are just an added bonus (if you need more convincing, check out all of these pictures from The Avengers). Once you've perused the options, tell us — who do you think is the hottest guy in the movie?

Photos courtesy of Disney

Allinica Allinica 4 years
Loki or Tom, whatever. His performance was incredible. The truth is that with a villain like him who needs superheroes? Loki has character, is so different from what we are used to seeing. He's so damn different and so attractive. Loki is very hottest!
Regi3637862 Regi3637862 4 years
Loki is the hottest, definitely
BriLuvsLoki BriLuvsLoki 5 years
The contest is called the hottest guy in the avengers not the hottest avenger so Loki is counted in it. He is totally  the hottest in both the Avengers and in Thor! No one has the sexiness that Loki has! If the contest was the hottest avenger I think Hawkeye would be the hottest avenger
Meagan2779046 Meagan2779046 5 years
@lionsrcool Oh, sorry I guessed the name kind of confused me. Yeah everyone is entitled their opinion so thanks!!
lionsrcool lionsrcool 5 years
They didn't say hottest Avenger though they said hottest guy in The Avengers. Loki (Tom Hiddleston is one of the guys; so he is included. If it had just asked Who is the hottest Avenger in Avengers he would not be included. I must agree the hottest Avenger is Cap but the Hulk is the coolest Avenger. Loki is the hottest guy to me though.
Meagan2779046 Meagan2779046 5 years
@Crys-lautnrfan Thank you!!! Someone with real common sense!!!
Meagan2779046 Meagan2779046 5 years
Let's be honest here, captain America is the HOTTEST!!!!!!!! Loki isn't even an avenger, he is a villain!!
Rugilė2716290 Rugilė2716290 5 years
Loki and just Loki!
BriLuvsLoki BriLuvsLoki 5 years
Totally Loki he's so sexy! I'm living la vida Loki! Everything is sexy about him: his hair, his accent, his personality, and his looks! They're to die for! He is the best! I'll love Loki 4 ever!!!!
lokilover36912 lokilover36912 5 years
tom hiddleston (loki) all the way. he is AMAZING!!!
Lourdes2722594 Lourdes2722594 5 years
Lokiiiiii !!! Is the best !!! 4ever !!!! >:3 ♥♥♥♥
Ana2719498 Ana2719498 5 years
Loki ever :) <3
Rugilė2716290 Rugilė2716290 5 years
LokiLocked LokiLocked 5 years
@Selvina2700551 Naww it's cool, I was in a ranting mood. But still I find all the men in this movie physically attractive. Either way the movie is a winner for my eyesxD
Selvina2700551 Selvina2700551 5 years
 @LokiLocked  @Selvina2700551 That wasn't really meant to be offensive. Yeah, I understand what you're saying. But I DO try to be more objective, if I can. After all, people can differentiate between someone they like, someone they think is hot, funny, etc.
LokiLocked LokiLocked 5 years
@Mary2638913 Well if you can READ, the poll is for guys in the Avengers MOVIE. I swear the negative comments in this poll are completely idiotic.
LokiLocked LokiLocked 5 years
@Selvina2700551 Well duhhh. "Hot-ness" as u put it, is simply subjective. What we define as attractive in society is due to the majority vote. So yes it is a popularity contest and we vote for who we find attractive. In this case Tom is the one the most girls like and are attracted to. Your comment is unnecessary.
Youtube---julene97 Youtube---julene97 5 years
Of course, ROBERT DOWNEY JUNIOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love he so much Le adoro
Selvina2700551 Selvina2700551 5 years
this looks more like a popularity contest than hot-ness contest.
Laura2654890 Laura2654890 5 years
I love Loki, but there's noooo way he's hotter than Tony. No fcuking way.
Ghie2652301 Ghie2652301 5 years
Ghie2652301 Ghie2652301 5 years
Totally ROBERT DOWNEY JR. he has an amazing character and an amazing personality :)
ringssinger ringssinger 5 years
They're all extremely gorgeous, and Tom is amazing as Loki, but Robert Downey Jr has got it ALL!
Mary2638913 Mary2638913 5 years
Robert is the hottest!  (But I admit, I like them all.  Still, Robert is my pick!) And -- Loki is NOT an Avenger!  Let's be real here.
Clàudia2646733 Clàudia2646733 5 years
Robert Downey Jr. is the best and the hottest guy in the avengers. I love him. >///<
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