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The Bachelor Dumps Melissa and Chooses Molly in Bachelor Finale — Is Jason the Worst Bachelor in History?

Is Jason the Worst Bachelor in History?

OK, everyone. Deep breath. Last night's post-finale hour of Bachelor was pretty insane and, in my opinion, pretty evil. I think it's clear to all that Melissa didn't see Jason's dismissal coming, and her emotional reaction was genuine and heartbreaking.

Jason claimed he was just following his heart, that he made a mistake, and he was trying to make things right. But I think a lot of folks out there are wondering this morning why he felt the need to put Melissa through all of that on national television. It makes Jason seem pretty cold and calculating.

On the other hand, everyone involved with this show should understand that any heartbreak and humiliation they experience will be fair game to air on television. So there's a case to be made that Jason knew the rules, and went along with it, and therefore isn't that much worse than any other Bachelor who's dumped one girl for another in the past. So . . .

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islandchic islandchic 8 years
Its all for TV a shock or twist whatever all those 'find true love on TV' shows are played why don't networks get writers and actors together and make shows that are worth watching.
Jenniba Jenniba 8 years
i think the producers were hoping that it would create something we would all talk about - guess what! it worked
hottinpink9021 hottinpink9021 8 years
Okay so I always thought Jason seemed like a sweet guy and wondered how he hadn't found someone to be with yet. BUT now I realize he is a flaky douchebag who does not know what he wants!... I was thrilled when he picked Melissa, what a GREAT choice (my favorite from episode 1), but then I could not believe what he did to her on the after-show! I turned it off when him and Molly started making-out. How could he ask Melissa to marry him, when he "still had feelings" for Molly? What a complete jack-off! I hope Melissa finds a genuinely great guy, and I hope Jason dies single and unhappy.
californiagirlx7 californiagirlx7 8 years
The way they handled that situation was disgusting. I used to like Jason when he was on The Bachelorette and I was bummed when DeAnna didn't pick him, but now he looks like a douchebag. First of all, he shouldn't propose to Melissa if he is so torn between her and Molly. I still don't understand how he could love both of them at the same time, but was wrong for him to propose if he wasn't sure and it was even worse that he dumped her on national TV. He was not obligated to break it off with her that way, he could've handled it in private and he didn't. I'm glad that Melissa was genuine and didn't try to be so PC about the situation. Poor girl. I think Molly looks pathetic for agreeing to hook up with Jason after he dumped her. Oh well, those two dolts deserve each other.
zeze zeze 8 years
Snowbunny, totally agree....I honestly wanted to throw something at the TV when he said "it's not you" but fortunately he didn't finish it with "it's me" so my remote stayed in my hand. And wtf is up with Molly. Is she that desperate that she will gladly kiss and throw herself at a guy who left her standing there and proposed to another girl. Maybe I am too self-confident, but I would be like NO THANK YOU - you had your chance and I'm better than accepting someone who is as fickle as you. ...but again, I think it is all scripted anyway, and the acting is not that great and anyone notice how they use the same camera/lighting/angles that they use for their ABC soaps?
lickety-split lickety-split 8 years
i had seen some of the early episodes this season online, read about what people were saying was going to happen (which turned out to be true) and then today i watched the final couple of shows. when melissa was asked by the shows host if she would take the bachelor back she seemed more open to that than anyone would be w/o reason to seriously consider it. i think she knew before hand that he wanted her back. melissa is so cute and perky, she won't have any trouble finding a good man. heck, she'll probably end up as the next bachelorette. jason is so unsure of himself. i feel bad for his son.
shafiii shafiii 8 years
the whole things was just disgusting his actions are ridiculus and i can't believe he treated melissa like that. ughhh, what a selfish guy! why can't he realize he did something so much worse to melissa than deanna did to him!
ep24 ep24 8 years
if he was in love with both of them, why did he propose to either one?? melissa was clearly upset, but it kind of looked like she knew something was going on. when she came in, she was hardly all smiles (while she had her ring w/ her, she didn't seem to be wearing it), and the questions about molly kind of made me think she suspects he's been in contact w/ her. molly immediately falling back into his arms was kind of shady too -- someone you're in love with dumps you, proposes to someone else, tells you he made a mistake and you're immediately all over him? they must have had some kind of contact relatively soon after he proposed... anyway, the guy turned about to be a royal jerk, though i have to say i thought he was kind of lame all season (and last season). his "lameness" was confirmed when he was crying hysterically on that balcony and seemed like he was on the verge of flinging himself off of it...
snowbunny11 snowbunny11 8 years
Zeze I know you're right! Honestly, I don't hate reality shows, even when they're ridiculous, I at least will watch them at the gym. What bothered me about this was the faux-sincerity with which it was conducted. I mean, no one on Tool Academy really is pretending they care that they are humiliating themselves, and totally awful people, just to get the $100k. But here, the guy is all "oh, I have a son, and I am sensitive, and a real person, going to propose with a real Neil Lane ring, blah blah." I loved this comment you made: "But all his crying and "followed my heart" and "what would i tell my son to do" is total BS - he is a sleaze ball and it showed day one." That was my reaction- dude you're just being a jerk, don't make it *worse* by pretending you are this deep, sensitive guy who is working through all these issues. Just own your jerkiness.
jules312 jules312 8 years
First of all, you should all go to to get the real story. This guy predicted everything that happened two weeks before it happened. Everything he says makes total sense. Secondly, I have been ridiculously faithful to this season of the bachelor and I must admit that I loved him at first, but after all of this I have just come to the realization that he is not a good guy. And he cries WAY too much. I mean, please don't be a huge a** hole and then cry about it for over half the show. I hope he and molly stay together because he's not going to ever be able to find anyone else to date. I will be watching next season because Jillian is going to be the next bachelorette and if anyone can find love on this ridiculous farce of a show then she can. And props to melissa for reacting the way that every other normal woman would react in that situation. She deserves so much better.
zeze zeze 8 years
Snowbunny, you might think that people should not want to see that, but people do. Ratings are up for the Bachelor, it is getting a lot more press, and everyone wants to interview him about the shocking finale. people like the shock factor, and being a total a-hole on tv is a big seller in this case.
snowbunny11 snowbunny11 8 years
For everyone saying it was scripted to some degree, I don't doubt you're right. But honestly, then what is the point of that? Who thought we'd delight in seeing one woman get publicly dumped for another? This show makes no sense to me anyway. So they "fall in love" in eight weeks, and the second that the bachelor announces that he is only going to date one woman, he proposes to her!? Hello, aren't there some steps missing? Do they think that because we're wimmenz we just are so obsessed with anything wedding related and love sparkly rings that we don't care at all about ya know, the rationality of the premise for this show?
snowbunny11 snowbunny11 8 years
Ya know what I hate? All the bs he was spewing during the rose show and the aftershow. I don't usually watch the Bachelor, but is it common for people to spout cliches left and right, "I had to follow my inside, I had to listen to my heart, I had to lead with my heart, I had to work through my issues," blah blah blah. Basically all it means is: "I want to do what I want to do, and I'm going to pretend I am this deep thoughtful person, and no one will notice that the words I am saying are meaningless cliches." It's not like Melissa boned his brother, they just "lost chemistry." Ya know what Jason? I have the feeling the reason you are a divorcee on a dating show is because you lose interest easily after you've had sex for a month or so, and then you move on, or "follow your heart" or whatever the hell you want to call it. This show seriously makes me lose faith in humanity, we are a bunch of therapy-loving idiots that like to talk about what's "right" for us, etc. It's just such crap, dude gets bored easily, this has nothing to do with his heart. He'll get sick of Molly too. I have no problem with people who don't want traditional marriage relationships, but honestly, then be honest about it, don't PROPOSE. They are both nice-ish, beautiful women and both of them deserved better. It's too bad Molly didn't tell him to go to hell, and instead settled for being his second pick.
ktc71 ktc71 8 years
jhoffman....I noticed she wasn't wearing the ring too. Also, the greeting between Melissa and Jason was rather cold. She had to have known. When she sat down one of the first things she said was..."So..." Almost as if she knew someting awkward was about to happen.
jhoffman08 jhoffman08 8 years
The one thing that people missed last night while watching the after the rose show was that when Melissa came out onto the stage... she wasn't even wearing her engagement ring. If this was so unexpected and out of the blue to her she would have still been wearing her ring. She had to have known what was coming. Personally I fully believe that things could have changed during the time since the proposal. It is very easy to fall in "Love" with someone when everything you do together is something out of a fairytale but when reality sets back in things can change greatly. As much of a hopeless romantic as I am, I don't think they should be allowed to propose after only knowing someone for 8 weeks. Then things wouldn't get this messy. Because let's be serious here... it's not like he's the only one who has changed his mind on his choice. And just like in human nature we never realize what we have until it's gone. If he's following his heart let the man do it. I mean seriously would Melissa be more hurt for him to carry it on and get married then decide... I think that would hurt worse. And no matter when he ended it, the whole thing would have been plastered all over the web and other media anyway so it still would have been a public breakup... its the nature of the show.
zeze zeze 8 years
1 - I believe this show is totally scripted and even Melissa was in on it. That being said, if this isn't scripted or for those who believe it is and are using the "he has a contract excuse" then they are delusional! All the other bachelors broke it off with their picks, he did not have to do it on national tv 6weeks later. A true man, someone that was truly caring and sensitive, would have stuck it out until after the LOOOONG 6 weeks and pretended all was fine and dandy, and like all the other bachelors broke it off a few weeks after people forgot about him. And a few weeks later we would see an article about how he went back to Molly and "sources" saying he wanted to go back to Molly right after he chose Melissa but was a good guy and stuck it out. But all his crying and "followed my heart" and "what would i tell my son to do" is total BS - he is a sleaze ball and it showed day one. I think he made out with more women than any other bachelor, some on the same day he sent them home!
ig586 ig586 8 years
I think it was Molly not Melissa who should be feeling humiliated. At least Melissa had the dignity to call him a bastard and tell him never to call her again. If Molly had any respect for herself, or her fellow woman, she would have done the same.
sidra5397 sidra5397 8 years
If Molly and Jason can make it work outside of the show, good for them... but I think that his actions towards Melissa were just so insensitive and gross... Honestly, I don't think that any of these people are actually in love. I think their experience on the show heightened their emotions and while the dating situations were being fast tracked none of their emotions or relationships could keep up... I feel sorry that Melissa was so humiliated on national TV. I also think that Jason was not in his right state of mind on this show, and neither were the girls for the most part. I don't know any of these people, and the only glimpse I get is what ABC edits and puts out there. This show is just sick... I think everyone who goes on it changes and becomes delusional and when they re-enter the real world they are suddenly hit with the consequences of their ill planned choices. I don't think I'm ever going to watch The Bachelor again.
lylpookie lylpookie 8 years
I thought the whole shocker was going to be that he wanted to be all Big Love with both of them...heh. I'm not sure which one is worse now, the way he handled things.
Jinx Jinx 8 years
YES! The guy is a creep. If he wanted to "change his mind", he didn't have to break up with Melissa on television, and then start making out with Molly immediately after. Not nice, not stand up. All asshat.
TidalWave TidalWave 8 years
i'm thinking that it was a set-up and Melissa was faking the heartbreak.
emalove emalove 8 years
Honestly, I think the whole thing is fake and scripted. I don't believe that any of it is real.
ktc71 ktc71 8 years
Janet1961...well said! I feel exactly the same way. The whole show is putting people together in a "fantasy" situation. I'm sure its easy for them to get caught up in it all, but its not real life. After the show is when the real relationship begins. Maybe Jason shouldn't have proposed, but once again...he probably got caught up in the momment. Look at the show's track record. Look at all the couples who left the "fantasy world" only to break up once faced with real life.
UrbanBohemian UrbanBohemian 8 years
I really liked Jason, but I thought what he did was cruel. I completely agreed with Melissa that it's important to keep communication open and talk out a problem in order to resolve it. Who knows what went wrong, but it seemed like Jason never bothered to talk it out, and it just seemed nuts that as soon as the show wrapped up with an engagement, there would be an instant breakup. I thought it was really bad of Jason to lead her on, and if he really loved Molly more he should have picked her instead. But, as we know, the show's success rate of couples sticking together for the long run is pretty disastrous. I'm not surprised that another couple bit the dust, but it's still pretty shocking at the rate it fell apart as soon as the last episode aired.
bluestar bluestar 8 years
Who the f*ck falls in love with someone in 8 weeks anyway? The whole thing is stupid.
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