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The Bachelor Dumps Melissa and Chooses Molly in Bachelor Finale — Is Jason the Worst Bachelor in History?

Is Jason the Worst Bachelor in History?

OK, everyone. Deep breath. Last night's post-finale hour of Bachelor was pretty insane and, in my opinion, pretty evil. I think it's clear to all that Melissa didn't see Jason's dismissal coming, and her emotional reaction was genuine and heartbreaking.

Jason claimed he was just following his heart, that he made a mistake, and he was trying to make things right. But I think a lot of folks out there are wondering this morning why he felt the need to put Melissa through all of that on national television. It makes Jason seem pretty cold and calculating.

On the other hand, everyone involved with this show should understand that any heartbreak and humiliation they experience will be fair game to air on television. So there's a case to be made that Jason knew the rules, and went along with it, and therefore isn't that much worse than any other Bachelor who's dumped one girl for another in the past. So . . .

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