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The Bachelor Finale: Who's Getting A Ring Tonight?

I have a confession to make: this season of The Bachelor has me hooked. Normally it's a guilty pleasure that I only watch passively but this year has been different — mostly because of the bachelor himself.

Matt is a financier from London who is educated, athletic, charming, has an accent (obvs) and seems genuinely close to his tight-knit family. On occasion, he has convinced me that he's in this thing to find a wife he truly loves, despite full knowledge that this process has a terrible track record in the soul mate department.

Now he's whittled down his bevy of beauties to two women, and the previews suggest that he really will get down on one knee and ask one of them to marry him tonight. However deeply the feelings run between these reality TV stars is kinda beside the point. Those of us who have committed to the show expect a bended knee and a diamond and kissing in the end and it looks like Matt is going to deliver all of this tonight.

To see my thoughts on Matt's prospective brides-to-be and who I'm guessing he'll choose,


Shayne is only 23 years old, tan, an aspiring actress (red flag!), and the daughter of Lorenzo Lamas. Chelsea, on the other hand, is a tomboyish 25-year-old pharmaceutical sales representative who was raised in Colorado.

Shayne is young, admittedly "high maintenance," and makes Matt laugh mostly by pretending to be dumb. She's very touchy-feely with Matt who has nicknamed her "my little monkey." In the other corner we have Chelsea who calls Matt "buddy," has intense PDA hangups and is way more physically reserved (except for the "slipping into something more comfortable" episode when she put on a nightgown and removed her panties — in front of the cameras!).

So who will he pick? My money's on Shayne because their chemistry is undeniable and it seems like Matt can more easily put up with Shayne's dumb antics than with having absolutely nothing to talk about with Chelsea.

Who do you think is getting the ring tonight?

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