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Bad Idea of the Week: ESPN's Pillow Fight League

Bad Idea of the Week: ESPN's Pillow Fight League

Way back when you were of pillow-fighting age, did you ever think to yourself, "Wow, I hope I can do this half-naked for a bunch of men when I grow up"? If so, now's your chance, since ESPN has picked up the rights to air matches of the Pillow Fight League. What's more, the producers are pointing to how "nostalgic" pillow fighting is, and how we can all relive our youths by watching this "sport" ... while also sexualizing it and making it weird and awkward to watch. According to Variety:

PFL's roster of players boasts a slew of attractive females, many of whom compete while wearing skimpy uniforms.

...There's also a huge camp factor, with contestants assuming wrestling-like alter egos: Sarah Bellum, Boozy Susie, Lynn Somnia, Betty Clock'er. The PFL's motto: Fight like a girl.

[Producer Al] Berman said PFL matches are "a return to simple pleasures.

"We all grew up pillow fighting," he said. "We're taking that experience, spicing it up and letting it loose on America."

This fantasy has always struck me as odd in the same way I find it odd when people say baby doll dresses are sexy. For more on this bad idea,

Sure, we used to pillow fight — when we were, like, 9 or 10. Grown women don't tend to get together for pillow fighting in their panties — I mean, unless there's a pizza deliveryman coming over.

Another producer, Eddie October, also has some choice quotes in the article, including: "I'm gay, and even I know that girls pillow fighting is sexy" and "The women in the PFL are empowered." Really? They wear skimpy outfits and perform in a combat show for an almost entirely male audience. I suppose I shouldn't expect ESPN executives to have the same definition of empowerment as I do, but I do wish they wouldn't make such a mockery of the term.

What do you guys think?

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