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Bad Idea of the Week: Madonna Remaking Casablanca (?!)

It's only Monday morning and already we have a Bad Idea of the Week! And yes, this is entirely rumorific right now, but the mere thought of it is so appalling to me, I had to vent.

Madonna. Remaking. Casablanca.

Of course, the remake — possibly set in a modern war zone like Iraq — would be a starring vehicle for the Queen of Pop herself. Apparently, a "source" told the Daily Mail, "Madonna is talking about taking the Ingrid Bergman role for herself, even though Bergman was in her 20s when she played Ilsa and Madonna is nearly 50." Um. Yeah. To see what else there is to say about this,


Age is the least of the issues I'd have with Madonna taking the role of Ilsa in a remake of Casablanca. First and foremost I have a problem with the words "a remake of Casablanca." And in general, Madonna is simply all wrong for the part. Ilsa (Bergman) had that sweet, vulnerable face,] and a gentleness to her that I don't quite see Madonna achieving.

Again, this is totally just a rumor right now. But if it is true, it annoys me to think that just because Madonna wishes to reclaim some credibility in the movie world, she has to go after one of the most — if not the most — well-loved classic films of all time.

If this is true, I . . . I don't even have the words. I really don't. But maybe you do? What do you think about this idea?

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