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Ben Affleck on His Full-Frontal Gone Girl Scene | Video

Ben Affleck on Going Full Frontal in Gone Girl: "It Looks Better in 3D"

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"The penis is in there," Ben Affleck told MTV, talking about his "very brief" nudity in Gone Girl. During a joint interview with his costar Carrie Coon, Affleck explained that his full-frontal moment in the movie is very, very brief, but he jokingly amped it up. He said, "It costs extra. It's IMAX penis! You have to pay 15 bucks to see it in 3D. It looks better in 3D." As Coon laughed, Affleck added, "You should know it was very cold. . . . It was freezing. It was subzero." Watch the funny interview above, and then check out early reviews of Gone Girl before the movie hits theaters this Friday.

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