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Best "Blurred Lines" Video Parodies 2013

The Blurred Lines Album Hits No. 1: See the Best Video Spoofs So Far

Are you obsessed with "Blurred Lines" yet? It's already become one of this year's hottest Summer jams, and Robin Thicke's Blurred Lines album officially hit No. 1 on the Billboard chart this week — Thicke's first. The video itself is a perfect target for parodies. The funny, perplexing, and controversial clip might be the most mimicked music video since Beyoncé's "Single Ladies" — and we've rounded up some of the best "Blurred Lines" parodies to hit the web so far, starting with the latest hits, a supercut of Bill Clinton's speeches set to the tune of the Thicke jam, and Jimmy Fallon's recent adorable music video.

Before your head starts spinning, no, Clinton does not actually sing "Blurred Lines" in this clip — at least, not on purpose. It's a clever mashup of the former president's speeches with the melody, and it's fantastic.

See more of the Internet's best "Blurred Lines" spoofs when you keep reading.

Jimmy Fallon and The Roots gave "Blurred Lines" a familiar treatment on Late Night.

Ready for an animal version? "Furred Lines," featured a cast of adorable dogs, is brought to you by The Pet Collective.

Jimmy Kimmel and Guillermo crash the party in this hilarious spoof that also stars Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams hamming it up for the camera. They really did think of everything, from the giant metallic balloon letters to the taxidermic animals, and the physical comedy is also pretty on-point.

The boys of The Lonely Island wasted no time getting in on the "Blurred Lines" phenomenon and put their own spin on the video for the teaser of their single "Go Kindergarten." The group got supercreative while copying the video's sporadic hashtags in bold red text.

Here's that "Blurred Lines" remix of the Cosby Show opening that you asked for; we can't get over the sight of the Huxtable family shaking it to our favorite Summer jam. #COSBY

The tables get turned by Funny or Die — Australian model Sophie Monk plays the ringleader while surrounded by underdressed men in this spot-on switcheroo.

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