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Best Late Night TV Host of 2012

Who Is the Best Late-Night Host of 2012?

If you're up late enough to catch one of the many after-hours talk shows, you know that you're always rewarded with a good laugh. But those late-night TV-watching hours are valuable, so you have to pick your programming carefully, and now it's time to share who your loyalty belongs to. Do you watch the fun and friendly Jimmy Fallon, or the similarly named but snarkier Kimmel? Maybe you like your commentary political, favoring Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert. Whoever it is, vote for your favorite late-night TV host now.

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ScottishKnight ScottishKnight 4 years
Craig Ferguson! Hands down! His uncanny ability to make us laugh, cry & keep it real all at the same time, is amazing. I totally agree with gwennifer....Craig has such a huge heart, loyal to the fans & himself, and doesn't pretend to be something he's not. He hit bottom, and then turned around into a shooting star!
stone_soup stone_soup 4 years
Jon Stewart has had a great year with all the election shenanigans going on.
gwennifer gwennifer 4 years
Fallon likes to pretend he's such a great guy, but in reality he goes out drinking every night till dawn, and he's been cheating on his wife since before they got married. At least Ferguson owns up to his past and doesn't pretend he's a patron saint.
purebloodfanpire purebloodfanpire 4 years
jimmy fallon IS NOT FUNNY. Craig Ferguson is the FUNNIEST
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