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Buzz In: What's Your Favorite Leonardo DiCaprio Movie?

In this week's J. Edgar, Leonardo DiCaprio is instantly aged through the magic of movie makeup in select scenes. But those of us who have been Leo fans for quite some time now have watched the actor age a bit more slowly throughout his onscreen career and loved every minute of it. My Leo crush started at an early age with This Boy's Life and blew up when I watched Titanic repeatedly for the better half of the late '90s.

I was happy to see him pair up with Kate Winslet yet again in Revolutionary Road, in which he plays an unhappy husband, but part of DiCaprio's charm is that he can just as easily play an upbeat, cheeky character like Catch Me If You Can's Frank Abagnale Jr. Do you like Leo's films as much as I do? Share your favorite in the comments!

pargie pargie 5 years
The Beach is definitely my favorite. Though I always enjoy Catch Me If You Can. I have never watched Romeo + Juliet or Titanic...they are both just so tragic.
pattyg7787 pattyg7787 5 years
The Departed, for sure, comes to mind, but also Inception, Romeo + Juliet, Catch Me if You Can, and Titanic. I can't choose!!
michle0301 michle0301 5 years
romeo + juliet or catch me if you can. cant choose!
Marisa-Tom Marisa-Tom 5 years
I loved him in The Departed, but Inception is a close second.
Becky-Kirsch Becky-Kirsch 5 years
My favorite movie that Leo has been in is Inception, but my favorite performance from him is in Catch Me If You Can. So hard to choose!
ChelMarie ChelMarie 5 years
My favorites are Titanic and Inception but I think his best performance BY FAR was Gilbert Grape.
Shannon-Vestal Shannon-Vestal 5 years
Romeo + Juliet
Sweet-Melissa-111 Sweet-Melissa-111 5 years
My favorite is Catch Me If You Can. He had great comedic intuition in that role.
bryseana bryseana 5 years
My favorite is This Boy's Life. I watched it as a kid and have loved it ever since. I also really love Shutter Island and The Aviator
BlackKitty BlackKitty 5 years
I really love all the films that Leo have done. The ones that stood out for me were: Titanic (grabbed my attention), Catch me if you can (great acting), Inception (loved), and the departed. I can't wait for the great gatsby since it is one of my favorite books ever! Overall, love his movies, but hate his taste in women.. (well, except for Gisele). haha..
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