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Akasha Akasha 5 years
A group of my girlfriends who have watched, stopped watching, watched again were going to get together and watch the series finale, but Direct TV has dropped the CW so we're pretty much left out in the cold.  Looks like we'll be crowding around the laptop a couple days from now.  BOO Direct TV.
Assistant-Community-Manager Assistant-Community-Manager 5 years
Ohhhh my gosh, I stopped watching this show like 5 years ago and can't even believe all the drams I missed!  It's kind of laughable! 
shenanyginz shenanyginz 7 years
Love this show but stopped watching after leyton left. sigh.
pss pss 7 years
love this show so much, I grow up with oth and I really hope it doesn't end just so fast this season it deserves something more elaborated
care0531 care0531 7 years
I have been watching old episodes on SoapNet and I just started watching last season.
DeppObsession DeppObsession 7 years
This show is my guilty pleasure. I'm aware the acting sucks yet I continue to watch it, every week.
popculture-whore popculture-whore 7 years
i stopped watching this show a long time ago but it had its good moments. they featured some cool artists too... i have some of their music lol
bridgett08 bridgett08 7 years
HAHAHAHA I stopped watching during season 5 -- a DOG eats Dan's heart?! Thank god I don't watch this anymore. What a joke. I secretly want to watch that episode, though, because I would totally cry of laughter.
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