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Best TV Couples 2013

Who Is the Cutest TV Couple of 2013?

TV couples don't always stay in a sexy state of limbo; sometimes they get together and go on to be a supersweet reason to watch your favorite shows. A few couples who'd been dancing around each other for ages finally made it official (woohoo, Nick and Jess!), and some couples continue to stay adorable and entertaining. So which TV couple was your favorite in 2013?

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Image Sources: Fox, The CW, CBS, NBC and ABC
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Natalia15172922 Natalia15172922 3 years
:''''''( I just started to watch How I Met Your Mother two weeks ago, This was a MAYOR spoiler for mee!!!!
Fay15162227 Fay15162227 3 years
Klaine: Kurt + Blaine = Perfectly Imperfect
Ginnie15161965 Ginnie15161965 3 years
Kurt and Blaine, duh!
Patricia15159821 Patricia15159821 3 years
Kurt and Blaine!
jennifer15156688 jennifer15156688 3 years
SNOW AND CHARMING ARE LITERALLY EPIC. plus they're engaged in real life and expecting a baby! They get their happy ending in real life too!♥
cher269 cher269 3 years
Damon and Elena <3
straightfromthehorse15154091 straightfromthehorse15154091 3 years
Kurt and Blaine!!
Natasha15154032 Natasha15154032 3 years
Snow & Charming are not only the cutest couple on tv right now but the cutest on and off screen real life snow and charming.. For the ouat fans especially the ones who are called "Snowing " fans know these two people are the real definition of True love off and on.
leticia21051 leticia21051 3 years
Damon and Elena <3
Vidal15153400 Vidal15153400 3 years
Snow white and Prince charming. It's obvious. Their chemistry together is really true love and the best one!
Mary15153313 Mary15153313 3 years
Snow and Charming of course!
Emily15153048 Emily15153048 3 years
For me it's a tie between Kurt and Blaine, Ben and Leslie and Snow White and Prince Charming.
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