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Best TV Villains of 2011

Who Is the Best TV Villain of 2011?

The bad guys on TV seemed to get badder in 2011! Whether it was new characters added to old series to spice things up, or brand-new shows with their own villains already in tow, the small screen was a dangerous place to be if you were one of the good guys. Whether you love to hate them (like Klaus) or just cant stand 'em (like Marnie), who do you think is the best TV villain of 2011? Vote now!

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gmrjr59 gmrjr59 5 years
From what I have gathered on the internet and what I have seen of the show. Emily Van Camp's Revege character is pretty wicked.
mlleemilee mlleemilee 5 years
Cersei isn't a villain. She tries to be her father's daughter but simply cares too much for her children to be as heartless as Tywin (which is totally not a bad thing), but she hates herself for being a woman and is too mistrustful and blind.
ducdebrabant ducdebrabant 5 years
“Not to be outdone by a younger witch, Harold steals the pilot as Diana's father Charles, the man who does very bad things to Cassie's mother (oh snap!) in the opening scenes. Menacing, charismatic, cruel and focused, you can tell Harold is having a blast playing the guy you love to hate.”
russiatvd russiatvd 5 years
welcome Joseph Morgan =) it is midnight here and we all deserve some sleep. i hope JoMo keeps winning while Old World fandom gets some rest =)
Joseph-Morgan Joseph-Morgan 5 years
Joseph Morgan
russiatvd russiatvd 5 years
actually i love Gale Harold and love TSC, but we work out TVD and support TVD fandom here in CIS =) and Charlie is not so bad as Klaus is, that is why i think Klaus is the most evil Villain.
ducdebrabant ducdebrabant 5 years
I'm sorry if you don't love Gale Harold too. He does have a Russian fansite, by the way, if you ever have a minute.
russiatvd russiatvd 5 years
overnight for u, but "overday" for the rest of the world. Europe, CIS, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus vote for Klaus, we love TVD here in the other part of the world
ducdebrabant ducdebrabant 5 years
More than 4,000 votes for Klaus literally overnight? Now THAT'S a computer program I'm not going up against.
russiatvd russiatvd 5 years
we've done it! Klaus to win! Russian KlausArmy votes for the Best Ever Villain!!!
hybridiam hybridiam 5 years
Klaus all the way ;)
genesisrocks genesisrocks 5 years
Is it bad that I voted for Sue just because Glee's the only one of these shows that I watch?
ducdebrabant ducdebrabant 5 years
Gale Harold's Charles Meade on The Secret Circle is the most wonderfully complex villain. He's a protective father, yet he's manipulating his child into practicing witchcraft, without her knowing what he's up to. He's remorseless when killing certain adults, but he can also be strangely merciful (letting Zach leave town), and deeply troubled and remorseful when necessity leads him to kill a teenaged friend of his daughter who is inhabited by a demon. He's pliable at certain times, and manically cocky at others (it seems to depend on whether he has a magic crystal in his possession or not). He's at his best when he's cold as ice (he's so dangerous and scary—I mean really SCARY), but he's also amazing when you look at his face and see the distress as he murders a pleading boy he's known all his life. Above all else, he's incredibly sexy (this is Gale Harold, after all, sex on legs). He has a lush house, a dynamite car, a wardrobe to die for, lashes an inch long, Eyes bigger than Mars, a voice like crushed velvet, and a moral compass that is one of life's strangest mysteries. You love him, and all the time he's scarying the living bejesus out of you. And now there are four women in his life. His accomplice Faye, his daughter Diana, and (to come in January when the show returns) his ex-girlfriend and his very dangerous mother. Man, do I love this show. Finally a part Gale Harold can really OWN, on a show that gives him some screentime. Gale Harold as a witch. I mean, come on, it’s what we’ve all been dreaming of.
Asfandancer Asfandancer 5 years
I love to hate Cersei on Game of Thrones she makes the ultimate villain. She would probably have been less a villain had her marriage been a bit different. She is not totally bad which makes for a more interesting villain as opposed to the ones who are just plain bad to the bone for no reason. Marnie from True Blood was too freaky to be considered a villain, she was just nuts. The Evil Queen in Once Upon a Time really has no redeeming qualities she comes off as just a selfish B****. Have never seen any of the other shows so can't comment on their villains.
dreamalittledream dreamalittledream 5 years
happy to see Gus Fringe on this list! And doing relatively well! He was seriously the most manipulative, cool, calm, collected bad-guy ever. That poison scene in Mexico
Sweet-Melissa-111 Sweet-Melissa-111 5 years
Colin Hanks's character on Dexter would have them all quaking in their boots.
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