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Happy 9/02/10: Take My Original Beverly Hills, 90210 Quiz!

Check the calendar: it's September 2, 2010, otherwise known as 9/02/10! Because I love any excuse to dredge up references to the original Beverly Hills, 90210 series, I'm celebrating with a nostalgic 20-question quiz. So let's head way back to the '90s and see how well you remember Brenda, Brandon, Dylan, and everyone else in TV's most glamorous zip code.

Happy 9/02/10: Take My Original Beverly Hills, 90210 Quiz!

What year in high school are Brenda and Brandon in when they start at West Beverly High?

Akasha Akasha 7 years
@ Anonymous: I have to agree. I got 85% and I'm thinking I either had a much better attention span back then, or I haven't watched enough tv since then. Although I could probably get a better score with Buffy, or Charmed. @Amberissmilin: You are the 90210 guru. All hail.
amberissmiling amberissmiling 7 years
i feel pretty good about 20/20! :) i miss brenda and dylan, i always loved them. i must admit to only intermittently watching the last four seasons, they really didn't appeal to me overly much.
postmodernsleaze postmodernsleaze 7 years
^^ Losing My Religion ALWAYS reminds me of the Brenda/Dylan breakup scene at the beach!
msdecember msdecember 7 years
man oh man.. i'm so shocked that i only got 15/20..! one of my fave shows ever.. take about freakin nostalgic.. i go crazy when i hear "i adore mi amor", "losing my religion", or "right kind of love".. remember jeremy jordan from the 90210 soundtrack?! good times. :-)
nancita nancita 7 years
I am not displeased with my 12/20 performance. At least it has some of the numbers in 90210.
juicebox07 juicebox07 7 years
I got 19/20 right. I got the "How does David propose to Donna?" wrong because I haven't seen season 10 in forever & I was a little fuzzy on that. I'm still waiting on the DVD release.
tlsgirl tlsgirl 7 years
I so loved that show! The terrible clothes! The after-school specially feel of the first several seasons! What's not to love?
mrsld mrsld 7 years
Thanks Buzz!!! That was a nice trip down memory lane.
LaurenG22 LaurenG22 7 years
Damn, 19/20... I missed the one about how old Carteris is... I said 26... 29?! GEESH!
runswimmerrun runswimmerrun 7 years
Considering I was born in '85, I'm surprised I got 9 right!
care0531 care0531 7 years
I still love watching this show! I was so in love with Luke Perry! I remember my sister taking me and my friend to the mall to see him! :ROTFL:
skigurl skigurl 7 years
Okay so when this show was on, I watched it RELIGIOUSLY. I've seen every season...and yet I don't remember any of this. Not even remotely. I got 8/20, mostly guessing. I need to rewatch it!
jadenirvana jadenirvana 7 years
Hardest quiz ever! I thought I knew everything, but you caught me on a few, Buzz. "He didn't even bring a blanket." Most scarring young adult show line ever!
le-romantique le-romantique 7 years
Aw man! 5 wrong. I thought I was the 90210 master. I had to laugh at the Paris question... Dean Cain... DRAMA!!! lol.
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