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Buzz In: What Did You Think of the Big Love Series Finale?

Big Love came to a close after five seasons on Sunday night, and boy did the writers leave fans with plenty to think about. With Alby in jail after last week's showdown with Bill, there's no more mortal threat to the Hendrickson family (or so we thought). Most of the episode's focus is on the sister wives — Barb, Nicki, and Margene — as they continue to prepare for the possibility of Bill serving jail time. It's clear just how far the ladies have come since the first season: Barb reshuffles her responsibilities, buys a new car, and moves forward with her new church; Margene considers the possibility of doing long-term community service overseas; and though Nicki feels abandoned by her sister wives, her connection to Cara Lynn and Barb proves how much she's grown.

I've got more to say about the episode, so read the rest of my thoughts (warning: spoilers ahead) and provide your own after the jump.

Though I liked how the episode feels very much like a series finale, what with all the talk about the importance of family and religion and all, I was admittedly a little bored for the first 3/4 of it. Of course, that's when it totally redeemed itself. Just when Barb abandons ship on her new religion and repairs her rift with Bill, tragedy strikes the family from a most unexpected place. Carl confronts Bill about his newly sodded lawn — a promise Bill had made to his neighbor after protesters destroyed it — and it's clear that Carl's separation from his wife has left him with a few screws loose. After ranting for a few seconds about how he can still take care of himself, Carl shoots Bill twice, murdering him on the street.


I was (and still am) totally shocked to say the least. That said, I think it was a brilliant way to end the series, with the sister wives solely in control of the family now. I wouldn't have minded a little more development about how the family gets by without Bill (particularly with the loss of Home Plus), but it was great to see Amanda Seyfried back as Sarah. I was also happy that we see that Ben and Heather worked out in the end, and that Cara Lynn finally found the courage to ditch her signature French braid. All in all, it was a fitting and poignant ending to the series.

Now it's your turn to weigh in — did you like the huge twist or was it a total cop out? Share your comments and complaints below!

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Rebecca-M-Gruber Rebecca-M-Gruber 6 years
I thought it was a perfect ending to the show - Carl has been off all season and they kind of hinted that he would do something when he approached Bill's car the last time. I also found it somewhat symbolic that Bill and his mother died the same day. But I would love to know what the women are doing for money now that Home Plus is gone - did they get jobs? Sell some of the houses? And who is caring for Margene's kids while she is saving the world?
Becky-Kirsch Becky-Kirsch 6 years
Allie, I think they waited 11 months since that would leave enough time for Sarah to get pregnant after Bill's death (which explains why it was never mentioned on the show), plus some time for the baby to be ready for baptism? As for Margene, I just assumed it was all part of the makeover evolution along with Cara Lynn's new look. Teeny I think was a cop out because they changed actresses so many times!
noonehere noonehere 6 years
My sentiments exactly. Bored almost to the end of the episode when it became very emotional. I am glad they gave the women a chance to become independent.
Allie-Merriam Allie-Merriam 6 years
LOL to the part about Cara Lynn's braid. I had a few questions still, though - why did they wait 11 months for the service? Did Margene cut her hair off so she didn't have to mess with it while doing her philanthropy? Also, why was Teeny doing someone's makeup so she missed the last scene? So many loose ends. But one thing I do think is that the wives won't remarry since they're waiting to meet Bill again once they pass away too.
kissmestupid kissmestupid 6 years
They killed Bill! Sweet, supportive, sensitive, but manly Bill. Ah shucks. But the women stayed together. Altogether wonderful fiction.
jadenirvana jadenirvana 6 years
First of all, I will say I bawled my eyes. I thought it was a nice ending, and in light of the spookier, ghastlier feel of past episodes this season, it showed the range the show was capable of. i also liked how the the finale returned to the core of the show: Bill's vision to fundamentally change society. It's kind of cool to think about someone actually being brave enough and tenacious enough and passionate enough to work THAT hard to change society in such a fundamental way-I like when the show gets away from the domestic catfight and focuses on the Hendrickson's big picture vision. It may be a crazy vision, but we just don't see that kind of passion for true societal reform in today's world. That's what always fascinated me about the show, and that's why I thought it was a great, dignified, epic finale that respected fans and delivered more than just drama for drama's sake.
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