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Biggest Shockers at the 2011 Golden Globe Awards 2011-01-17 05:30:00

What Was the Biggest Surprise at the Golden Globes?

It's Monday morning, which means it's time to reflect on another Golden Globe Awards show come and gone. We were pleased to see that many of our TV and movie predictions came true, but there were still a few major surprises from the night.

Though the Hollywood Foreign Press is known for recognizing new shows, we still didn't think Boardwalk Empire would get so much love. On the movie side, many of you didn't agree with all of The Social Network's wins. As we wait for the next big award show, tell us — what was the biggest surprise at the Golden Globes?

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lizlee89 lizlee89 6 years
ilanac, are you kidding me? Johnny Depp is an amazing actor, and he should have been nominated for Alice in Wonderland, but The Tourist??!! he was awful in that movie, most likely because the writing was so bad that it made him look bad. Colin Firth's performance in The King's Speech was flawless, moving, and epic. just because the movie hasn't come out and you haven't seen it (which you really should) doesn't mean it doesn't deserve to be recognized. as for the rest of the show, I wasn't surprised, just annoyed that Glee won while Modern Family is clearly one of the best, most well written sitcoms ever made. I also really don't thik David Fincher should have won for direction instead of Christopher Nolan finally being acknowledged for his incomparable talent and the amazing movie that was Inception...
mommahello mommahello 6 years
I never watch Glee...actually I began to boycott it just from the previews. Surprised Angelina Jolie and Brad didn't walk out.
a-million-suns a-million-suns 6 years
I was really surprised by the Boardwalk Empire wins (Steve Buscemi for Best Actor in a Drama and the Best Drama Series). I've heard that show is kinda meh. And MAD MEN! HELLO! It was fantastic this season! I wasn't surprised that The Social Network cleaned up though. And while I thought Modern Family would probably win, I wasn't shocked that Glee took it (even though I don't understand how anyone could honestly think Glee is the better show).
Hiromisky Hiromisky 6 years
What happened with Annete Bening or Julianne Moore's Golden Globes? The girls deserve it for their performances in "The Kids Are Alright"... but the biggest shocker for me was The Social Network winning over Inception for best movie (drama)? Seriously? Seriously?
ilanac13 ilanac13 6 years
i've got 2. 1) inception didn't win anything. how was that possible given the affects, the acting etc. it was certainly one of the best movies last year 2) Johnny Depp didn't win anything. come on - he was the best - and the guy that won - his movie isn't even out in theaters yet. I only JUST saw the trailer for it for the first time this saturday when i went to see a movie - and i go to the movies EVERY WEEK
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