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Why Blair Waldorf Is the Queen Bee of GIFs

Apr 9 2016 - 3:05am

Leighton Meester [1] turns 30 on Saturday, and though Gossip Girl is over, her legacy as Blair Waldorf lives on — primarily in her timeless style [2] and sassy reaction GIFs. Blair's eye rolls are like snowflakes, no two alike; her insults are creatively devastating; and her happiness, when she chooses to let it out, is unparalleled. To celebrate Meester's big day, let's revisit her very best Blair GIFs.

Let's start with Blair's perfected trademark: her eye roll.

This one has a little face movement to amplify the annoyance.

Her eyes almost roll up into her hat.

This is the hair-brush eye roll.

I'm surprised her eyes don't get stuck looking up here.

Here we have another expression of being annoyed: the impatient head roll.

This is shocked, but also shocked at how stupid something is.

A great one: the private look of disgust.

And public disgust!

Her fake laugh is also dramatized for maximum ridicule.

How does she manage to make an eyelash bat so sinister? This is a master at work, people.

Has someone gotten one over on her? This look doesn't quite cop to that, but it alludes to a plan of attack already forming if so.

Now, a lesson in her work: smiling while expressing something negative.

And the polite but insulting shushing.

Her insults are expertly executed.

As previously established, she can look pretty while being disdainful.

But it's really hard for her to be fake nice.

So sometimes she doesn't even fake it.

And then the real fun begins.

But listen up: under those headbands and venom, there's some real wisdom.

At least, wisdom that works for Blair.

It doesn't happen a lot, but sometimes things don't go her way. When that happens, the term "ugly cry" could never be used to apply to Blair.

Oh and when bad stuff happens, it's ratcheted up several levels, because Blair lives for drama.

To be fair, she causes a lot of the drama, like running out of her own wedding [3] during the reception.

But she doesn't let it get her down, because she's Blair effing Waldorf.

And when Blair's happy? She doesn't just put on some little smile.

The girl has the biggest, most expressive smile.

She jumps, she screams — you know this is a happy person.

The speechless smile is a good one too.

And when she gets that dreamy look, there's no mistaking it, either.

This is a girl who knows how to let loose, though.

Because she's got a lot of stuff pent up.

Blair Waldorf + shots = amazing.

She really lets loose sometimes.

And makes imbibing look seductive.

Does anyone look this amazing drinking Champagne?

This girl doesn't know how to drink her cocktails in a boring way.

Lest you thought Blair was boring, you clearly don't know her.

And when Blair is in love? Even better.

Or just in lust. You're welcome.

Really in lust.

But even when she's getting dirty, her expression is still priceless.

If there's one thing you need to remember about Blair Waldorf, it's this.

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