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14 Things You Actually Thought You Could Do After Seeing Blue Crush

Jul 6 2015 - 4:00pm

Don't lie: the first time you saw Blue Crush, you were swept into a world of sand and salt water, where anything was possible. You dreamed of living on the beach in Hawaii with your best friends, driving a beat-up Jeep, and spending all day in the ocean — not to mention winning a world-class surfing contest and hooking up with a hot tourist. Because we're all feeling quite nostalgic about the Summer 2002 film, here are all the things you thought you would do with your life after you first saw Blue Crush.

You actually thought you looked this cool and self-assured walking on the beach.

You actually thought you and your best friends were in some sort of hot bikini surfer girl gang.

You actually thought you could emerge from the ocean like a mermaid.

You actually thought you would live in a shack on the beach and decorate it with found objects.

You actually thought you could handle this wave (without dying).

You actually thought you could go underwater rock running (also without dying).

You actually thought you'd tell off a group of no-good football groupies.

You actually thought you could drum up business by chasing people down on a two-lane highway.

You actually thought you would casually hang out with buff, tan, tattooed Hawaiian locals.

You actually thought you'd do 200 pull-ups before sunrise.

You actually thought you could get away with wearing hemp necklaces.

You actually thought you'd land a hot NFL player like Matthew Davis.

You actually thought that same hot NFL boyfriend would make out with you after you won that surfing contest.

You actually thought you had an entire life of sand, sun, and perfect tan lines ahead of you. Didn't you?

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