20 Perfect Reasons Why You Should Be Watching The Bold Type

Jun 19 2018 - 5:55am

When I find out someone in my life hasn't seen The Bold Type [1] yet, I usually go on a spiel of no less than 10 minutes about all the ways it's unexpectedly perfect [2]. And hilarious. And sharp, and worthy of their time, and . . . see what I mean? (Surprise, surprise, my friends have stopped asking me about The Bold Type and started watching it instead.) Lucky for me and all the other fans of the Freeform dramedy, season two [3] is officially upon us, but that doesn't mean there aren't still some potential viewers out there who need to be persuaded to hop on The Bold Type bandwagon. To save me chatting your ear off about Kat, Sutton, and Jane for the next eternity or so, I've helpfully rounded up a few stand-out moments from the series that should give you a taste of what to expect.

Jane's fearless admission to her friends.

This iconic scream.

Kat's truly epic dedication to being Jane's best friend.

And Sutton's reaction to the whole thing.

To be fair, it's not every day your friend gets a jade egg stuck in their downstairs.

Sutton's cheeky Snapchats for Richard.

A Jacqueline Carlyle quote worth stitching on a pillow.

A Sutton quote ALSO worth stitching on a pillow.

This friendship toast.

Kat's bold (and sweet!) photo for Adena.

Jane's equally bold question for Pinstripe.

And the way it immediately pays off. HOT DAMN, Tiny Jane.

This very normal question at a fancy board meeting.

Whatever is happening here.

What? You don't practice fully-clothed sex positions with your work wives?

This Madeleine Albright shoutout.

Jane's totally appropriate elevator conversations.

Lol at Pinstripe.

Sutton getting it on (and her life).

Jane's moment of inspiration.

Kat actively fighting the Pink Tax.

And sharing this adorable hug with Adena. Real talk: how perfect are they?

This promise.

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