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Book Club: Sammy's Hill by Kristin Gore

Buzz Book Club: The Conclusion of Sammy's Hill

Welcome back, Buzz Book Club readers! We've reached the end of Sammy's Hill by Kristin Gore just in time for the end of this election. I hope this fun romp through politics added some levity to what has been an intense month!

Here's how the Book Club goes if you're new: Every week I suggest chapters to complete by the next post (which, in this case, was every Friday in October). In these weekly Book Club posts, I posit a few questions to prompt discussion in the comment section.

I'll fill you in on my November book soon. For now, to discuss the final section of Sammy's Hill, in which we read from the chapter titled "Breathe in Deep, It's All Fresh Air" to the end of the book, just


  1. The book really seems to speed up in this part, especially once RG becomes part of the presidential ticket. Did you think the fast pace helped convey the craziness of Sammy's life during the race? Or do you wish we'd spent a little more time on this part of things (and maybe a little less time on Aaron)?
  2. Speaking of boys, Sammy sure does seem to attract a lot of them. Do you think she made the right call in choosing Charlie, or are you still suspicious of him? Did you like her relationship with Bob, or did it just seem like a distraction? I thought her breakup with Bob was extremely swift and easy, which I suppose goes along with the accelerated pacing of the end of the book.
  3. The entire book seems to have something to do with coming to terms with the reality of your job — that no matter how idealistic you are, there will still be times when you're disappointed. Did you appreciate the way Sammy dealt with those issues? Could you relate to those feelings from your own professional life?
  4. What do you imagine happening to Sammy after the end of the book? If you've read the sequel, does it match what you hoped would happen?
  5. In the movie version of this book, who could you see playing Sammy? What about the other characters (Liza, Aaron, Charlie, Bob, Darlene, etc.)?
katie225 katie225 8 years
i finished this book a couple of weeks ago, and i am halfway through "sammy's house" which is the sequel. i loved the ending of this book with the email gaffe, and i almost cried laughing so hard, partly because i was sad that it was over. it was a very funny story, but i thought that it foreshadowed easily. i could tell from the first time she met charlie that she would end up with him, and when she saw him when she fell on the rollerblades, i knew it would come up again. i could tell that her two relationships with aaron and bob would also end, also a lot of foreshadowing. but i guess that's okay for me. perhaps it's less foreshadowing and more "predictable"? dunno. who could play sammy? who could accurately portray her style awkwardness appropriately, but also her intelligence and youth? if i were the casting person, i would be careful to avoid the usual bumbling rom-com leading ladies, because sammy is incredibly smart and quirky though missing a style sense. someone like a zooey deschanel but without the really cool and quirky fashion style. i honestly can't come up with someone to play her. i've thought about it a lot, but i can't think of one.
Entertainment Entertainment 8 years
ehackerm — Yes, as far as I know the movie is still being made and is currently in development. One of my questions above asks who could play Sammy and the other characters in the movie, actually. Any casting thoughts? :)
ehackerm ehackerm 8 years
I really enjoyed this book. I also just read Kristen Gore's next book Sammy's House. That was another good read. I read somewhere Sammy's Hill was going to be turned into a movie but haven't seen anything about it. Does anyone know if a movie is still being made?
Linda-McP Linda-McP 8 years
I loved the ending of the book; all the way though, Sammy made me smile and this just capped it for me. I like her choice of Charlie; it almost seemed as though she was destined to be with him from the start and I suspect that she may have known this all along. The pacing at the end of the book was quick, just like the frenzied campaign, so that worked well for me, even though I could have used a little less Aaron in the section prior to this one. Bob was a distraction; he seemed to play an expected role and easily slipped in and out of relationships, no strings attached, though he did seem to be protective of Sammy and to genuinely appreciate her insight and input into the campaign. I really enjoyed all the stories about the conflict between presidential and vice presidential handlers during the campaign--not unlike present day, for sure. Sammy has a love-hate relationship with her job, as do most of us; overall, she seems to learn from each of the challenges and to look forward to the contributions she can make. For me, Sammy was a believable narrator and Kristin Gore a successful novelist. This was a fun book to read. Thanks, Buzz.
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