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Bravo's Upfront Plans: Scripted Series, Kelly Cutrone Reality Show, Celebrity Design Competition

Bravo Branches Out to Scripted Shows, Adds More Reality

Bravo presented its post-Project Runway plans to advertisers today, and a good deal of the shows look familiar: competitions and reality series focusing on leaders in food, style, and art. The shows will bring some familiar reality stars back to the network and attempt to create some new ones as well. But that's not all: Bravo's also attempting a couple of scripted series. Here's everything Bravo announced, and here are a few of the things that stood out to me:

  • Blueprint and 30 Under 30: Those are Bravo's two scripted shows in development. Blueprint comes from the company behind Gossip Girl and focuses on two New York City architects and friends, one gay and one straight. 30 Under 30, meanwhile, sounds like it could be the scripted version of what happens to Bravo reality stars once their shows are done: its focus is a group of friends (including an up-and-coming chef and a high-end real estate agent) who find themselves on a "30 Under 30" list and thus begin to rise through New York social circles.
  • Kell on Earth and Laura Bennett: Can't get enough Kelly Cutrone on The Hills? No worries: Bravo has ordered a series called Kell on Earth following her and People's Revolution. Meanwhile, Project Runway star Laura Bennett — she of the lace dresses and many children — now has her own show in development.
  • American Artist and Launch My Line — Bravo confirmed its older news that Sarah Jessica Parker's American Artist will become a series. Meanwhile, Launch My Line will feature celebrities competing for the chance to launch their own fashion lines.

To hear about a couple of other shows Bravo has in development — and which one has Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher behind it — just


  • Eric B. — Bravo's already focused on celebrity chefs, stylists, and matchmakers, so really, why not a florist? Eric Buterbaugh designed the flowers for Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher's wedding (among others), so it's probably not surprising that the couple is behind this reality show.
  • Secret Life of Supermodels — Yeah, the Weinstein folks might have thought they one-upped Bravo with their behind-the-scenes Models of the Runway show, but this potential series will focus on working supermodels,including Carol Alt, Maggie Rizer, and Mariel Hemingway, as they travel the world and deal with the challenges of being professionally beautiful.
  • Design Sixx — This series will focus on real estate rehabbers Robert and Cortney Novogratz and their six children, who travel around new York living in rundown buildings and turning them into multimillion-dollar luxury dwellings.
  • Social Heights — Like the network's 30 Under 30, but real: This series focuses on a group of New York socialites and "will capture all the tension, drama and politics inherent to life among New York's social elite. . . . Some will climb, some will fall and others will be pushed off — but in the end, they all will learn what it's like to try and make it to the heights of New York society."

Do any of these sound like shows you'll be watching? Will this help fill Bravo's Project Runway hole?


la-dee-da-dee la-dee-da-dee 7 years
I love Kell on Earth!
kimchimei kimchimei 8 years
i hate bravo, their shows are too addicting
Midnight-Harlow Midnight-Harlow 8 years
Their scripted/improv show Significant Others was really good. Why did they cancel that?
emalove emalove 8 years
Not sure about this...I'm pretty over reality shows. I LOVE Project Runway and don't think any of these shows will even being to compare to it.
amers230 amers230 8 years
Bravo reality shows are my secret (ok, not so secret) drug of choice, so this should be interesting. Love the idea of Kelly Cutrone having her own show, but homegirl needs a trip to the dentist asap. Her teeth almost looked BLACK to me on The Hills the other day. Dis-gusting.
redchick152 redchick152 8 years
kelly is a mega-b* i will definitely tune in to see more of that!!
wackdoodle wackdoodle 8 years
Oh yes Kelly Cutone gets her own show. She is hilarious. Loved what she said to Lauren last night "You be sure to kiss her cheek while I stab her in the back. Hold her real still." or something to that effect. A chick after my own straight forward, direct heart.
kaykayelle kaykayelle 8 years
This sounds pretty great to me. Yay for Bravo. Very excited for the Kelly Cutrone show; she's a reality show waiting to happen and seemingly perfect for Bravo. But scripted shows... I'll have to see something of it. The premises seem a bit bland, but they could end up being good. Right? Maybe?
laceykk23 laceykk23 8 years
is it just me or does kelly katrone have really awful teeth, i was watching the hills last night and came to the conclusion that she has DISGUSTING teeth!!
pharm_chick pharm_chick 8 years
i was gonna say.. their new show with issac mizrahi and kelly rowland as hosts (cant remember its name) looks suspiciously like project runway.
Symphonee Symphonee 8 years
What is happening to Bravo?? Some of these shows are a mess. Eric B, please :OY: .
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