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What Did You Think of Breaking Dawn?

Breaking Dawn Part 1 has been open for a few days now, and I'm assuming most of you die-hard fans have already made the pilgrimage to the theater. Now comes the fun part — we want to hear your reviews of the movie! Were you blown away by Bella's wedding dress? Grossed out by the birthing scene? How did you feel about the emphasis on the wolf pack in this movie? Whether you want to give a general overview or break down all of the little details, we want to hear your two cents.

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2late2soon 2late2soon 5 years
I sa BD today and to be honest, I was a bit disappointed in the honeymoon part and they left lots out from the book and the exchanges between Rose and Jacob...I just felt it could have been better.
grosu-corina grosu-corina 5 years
perfect movie ,the bestttttt
Khconsteng Khconsteng 5 years
Finally! A Twilight movie that captures the humor Bella & Edward shared in their relationship as Stephanie Meyer included in her books. Bill Condon did an amazing job bringing out the intense emotional range in Bella & Edward's love and passion. Of course I would LOVE to see an R rated version but the sex scenes were passionate without being vulgar. Bella daydreaming about her first sexual experience was very erotic--well done, Mr Condon! The only cheesy, bad portion of the movie was the wolf pack dialog after the pack found out about the pregnancy. But there was really no other way to convey the dynamics of the pack so that scene fits very nicely into the story. The birth scene was well done but I was grossed out by the amount of gore on Renessme. Renessme was also creepy looking when Jacob imprinted. Overall, I totally love Part 1-it's my favorite. I've already watched it 4 times and it is better each time! (and the music is perfect!!)
michle0301 michle0301 5 years
Loved it! I think the reason that people are complaining at all about it not being the best Twilight is because the book is very hard to adapt, it being the most bizarre and most strange out of the series. After watching it I can definitely understand why no director has decided to tackle the point of the wolves telepathically talking to one another, making it more humorous than intense as it was intended to be. I think besides that point, I'm not really sure what all the bashing of the film is about. I thought it was great, it was definitely beautiful and loved the music. I loved how Bella's lullaby was brought back; great score!
Jasmina201282 Jasmina201282 5 years
I had a good time watching and might see it again this week. Can't wait for part 2!!!
Nancy1947 Nancy1947 5 years
Yes I agree the wedding dress was awesome and Bella and Edward were beautiful as were all the Cullen's they are beautiful people I love all the Cullen's and the Actor's who play them!!!!!!!
Nancy1947 Nancy1947 5 years
There were alot of funny part's in this one I just wanted to see more!!!!!!
Nancy1947 Nancy1947 5 years
I agree with you Liz I feel the same way!!!!!!! I too am anixous to see Kristen as an Vampire she will and be awesome and she was so beautiful at the end as I knew she would be!!!!!!!!!! Can't get enough of Twilight!!!!!
Nancy1947 Nancy1947 5 years
I'm planning on seeing it again!!!!!!!!
bpimento bpimento 5 years
Love it... saw it twice during the weekend. The best one ever.
liz313 liz313 5 years
It was perfect!! All the parts of the film I was concerned about seeming super dumb or cheesy were well taken care of. Rob and Kristen were great, I only wish the honeymoon was longer because it was nice to see them happy for once. The ending was EXACTLY what I had predicted would happen and it was the perfect ending that left me wanting more! Can't wait to see Kristen be a vampire!
likethedirection likethedirection 5 years
Loved it! Laughed through the wolves talking and laughed when the bed collapsed, but apparently they were so enraptured that they didn't even notice. Anyway, love it and because I missed some of the movie due to some morons talking behind me in the theater, I'll be going to see Breaking Dawn again tomorrow.
dyedye09 dyedye09 5 years
I absolutely loved it. The wedding was phenomenally beautiful, Bill Condon did an amazing job with capturing Bella's emotions as she is walking down the aisle. Their wedding song was a perfect choice, it was the same song the danced to in the first Twilight at Prom. I thought we could have seen more with the Honeymoon, I would have loved to see Edward rip Bella clothes off with his teeth. I mean their were some intimate encounters from the book that was left out, that I personally feel that should have been included. The whole wolf telepathy scene was corny and cheesy, and the whole birthing scene was not what i was expecting, it was awesome, can't wait until part 2
ceci1980 ceci1980 5 years
absolutely love it! perfect! amazing! the best one
TRH37 TRH37 5 years
I LOVED IT ALL!!!!! Wished it was longer. Some of my favorite parts were omitted. But, they did cover the main parts of the books. I just wished it wasn't so rushed. They really need to slow the pace down. I was really hoping with this being the most important one and almost last one one it would have been slower paced.....The part with the wolves talking to each other via their minds., gave me a headache it was too loud and too long.....kind of annoying. But, overall....Absolutely LOVED IT!!! I will be going to see it again before it leaves the theaters. DEFINITELY...
Nancy1947 Nancy1947 5 years
I love it the best one ever!!!!! I'm a huge fan and I loved the wedding and the honeymoon!!!!! I loved the birthing scene I loved every part of the movie!!!!! I can't hardly wait to see Part 2 to see Bella as an vampire she looked so beautiful!!!!! and sooo excited to see bBella fight the Voltaire!!!!!! also to see her arm wrestle with Emmet!!!! :) It's going to be awesome!!!!!!!!!!
Nancy1947 Nancy1947 5 years
I love it the best one ever!!!!!! I'm a huge fan!!!!!!!
pattyg7787 pattyg7787 5 years
I liked it better than the other Twilight movies. Yes, it wasn't perfect, but I was worth watching.
pink-elephant pink-elephant 5 years
Lol, not the best movie to watch when you're pregnant...found that out the hard way!!
Anna-Monette-Roberts Anna-Monette-Roberts 5 years
It was passionate, hilarious, dramatic, and totally worth the $14 ticket at the theater. Yes, there were some ridiculously bad moments, but it was fun to LOL with the other PopSugar editors. Also, the 12-year-olds behind us had some QUALITY commentary. They were big Team Jacob fans...
cgrossman cgrossman 5 years
I loved it, both dresses were beautiful but the real one was amazing. I like how we finally got to see Edward's back story since its from Twilight. Some people thought things were a little too gory but if you read the book, the movie had a lot less and you expect a lot of what they showed. CGI was good, loved the transformation scene and how Bill handled the wolf scene was pretty good considering a lot of the book is from Jacob's perspective as a wolf. The scene at the end did a good job leading into the next one (at least for those who read the book and know whats coming in a sense) There was some cheese but thats to be expected. I am a huge fan to say the least. I did miss some of my favorite scenes from the book and others were changed a little, but they did cover the main points of them. I wish we would have seen Alice's "headaches" since that plays a role in the end of the book. Other than that, I still loved it :D
ktc71 ktc71 5 years
I liked it but didn't love it. Its a hard book to make into a great movie. I'm hoping the second part will be better.
cookie38 cookie38 5 years
I enjoyed the movie. I cannot wait to see Bella as a vampire and a mother!!!
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