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Breaking Dawn Part 2 Comic-Con Press Conference

Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Talk Sex Scenes & Twilight Reboots at Comic-Con For Breaking Dawn

The cast of Breaking Dawn Part 2 sat down to a press conference today at Comic-Con — their final one for the Twilight saga at the annual event. Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner, Mackenzie Foy, and author Stephenie Meyer were ready to talk about the last film in the franchise, the difficulty of making sex scenes for a PG-13 film, and the (very funny) challenges that would come up if the films were ever rebooted in the future. Check out what they said:

On Jacob and Edward's relationship in this film:
Robert Pattinson: "I sacrificed my daughter to him!"
Taylor Lautner: "And that is love . . ."
RP: [joking] "This one is a love story between me and Jacob."
TL: "It is a little bit different, the relationship between all three of us, because it's always been a complicated love triangle, and now it's a square . . . it's become much less complicated."
Kristen Stewart: "It's a perfect circle."

On the physical challenge of this film:
KS: "I had really bad luck with my thumbs. It plagues me actually; both of them are very oddly shaped. Any grimace you see is probably real. Physically, this thing's been more challenging than anything, because even the way she walks into a room is different."

On Kristen becoming vampire Bella:
KS: "Rounding her out was fun and physically really challenging. I remember going to Stephenie on the first day I had to play a vampire, I was like 'Um, Steph, how am I going to sound like wind chimes, you jerk?! That's impossible!'"

To find out what else Pattinson, Stewart, and the others said about sex scenes, how the Twilight saga could continue, and more, just keep reading.

On whether we'll get vampire sex scenes in this film:
KS: "The ratings, man! [It's] a tricky thing. I think . . . how do you have . . . because we're supposed to have mind-boggling, otherworldly . . . sex. In the first one, Breaking Dawn 1, we really . . . this is weird . . . tried to keep the first one sweet. It's about self discovery. Nothing about this series is raunchy. And I know that . . ."
RP: [laughing] "I think that's the point, Kristen."
KS: [to Rob, joking] "Shut the f*** up."
Stephenie Meyer: "Where's Mackenzie's swear jar?"
RP: "Seriously. Talking about sex, swearing."
KS: "But in the second one, we just wanted to be animals. We're not human anymore. How do you do that? We tried, and they told us it was rated R, and we were like [snaps fingers]. So, yeah, I'm going to stop."

On the possibility of a reboot:
RP: "I would love to see that . . . I pity the person who takes over my part. I would make a campaign against them [joking]."

On how Stephenie Meyer could continue the story:
RP: "Edward and Bella get divorced, and it's kind of a Mr. and Mrs. Smith thing."
SM: "So who comes out of that alive?"
RP: "That's the whole thing, they can't die."
KS: "I could totally rip your head off."

On the end of Twilight:
KS: "It is funny; if you told me tomorrow that we had to reshoot some scene, I would be so happy . . . I would start vibrating, because I do really enjoy doing this role. Even though it is kind of a bummer to walk away, I look on it so fondly."

On the first time they met:
KS, about Pattinson: "I liked his pants."

On how the Comic-Con experience is different from their first experience for Twilight:
RP: "The first one was genuinely frightening because I had never experienced a kind of crowd that large. It's strange, but then you get used to it surprisingly quickly. It's weird."

On whether the Twilight label is a burden as they choose other projects:
KS: "If people would actually call me 'the Twilight girl' and mean it, that's the biggest compliment. Please, pigeon-hole me. You know what I mean? That means I did it right . . . If someone is fanatically obsessed with these books and these movies, and they always say 'It's kinda weird for me to watch her in other stuff,' [then] great, perfect. That's a compliment."

On their best memory from shooting:
Mackenzie Foy: "Me, probably the entire thing. Every moment was exactly perfect because every moment was a thing I would cherish forever."
SM: "Hold on now. How much money was in your swear jar at the end? What was your total?"
MF: "Do I have to say?"
SM: "She never got a dime from me."
MF: "Or Taylor. Taylor didn't swear. [high-fives Taylor]"
KS: "It's hard to pick one moment, but the last week, shooting the wedding, walking down the aisle. Really heavy. Heavy stuff."

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