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Breaking Dawn Part 2 Fan Review

What Did You Think of Breaking Dawn Part 2?

It's hard to believe, but the end of the Twilight Saga has finally arrived with the release of Breaking Dawn Part 2. The movie pretty much killed it at the box office, so I'm assuming most of you made the trip to the theater to see the film on its opening weekend. With that in mind, let's get down to the good stuff and discuss how the film ranks against its predecessors.

I personally thought Part 2 was much better than Part 1, and the action sequence is my favorite of all the movies'. The much-buzzed-about twist completely threw me for a loop, and the sentimental ending left me feeling nostalgic (and wanting to watch the original Twilight again). All in all, I left the theater feeling like a satisfied follower of the series. Now it's your turn — how did you feel about Breaking Dawn Part 2?

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Mary3486980 Mary3486980 4 years
BD 2 was great, more than what I expected. It was awsome and that twist at the end was a dynamic touch. So I was sad there but only to be thrown back to happiness. Our Cullens live on forever. Thank you Stephanie Meyer
Nancy1947 Nancy1947 4 years
I loved BD2 it's the best of all of them!!!!! I love the whole Twilight Saga!!!!!!
Colleen3487188 Colleen3487188 4 years
THat was a great comment.  And he is right.  I love Blake Shelton, he is the best
Peachiz Peachiz 4 years
I have another comment to add...though I must admit I'm stealing a quote from Blake Shelton on tonight's 'The Voice', which was..."they stepped on sacred ground" [to paraphrase] with this final film...they gave us that [what HAD to be a big]  "miraculous" ending!  While homage was paid to all that came before...and [perhaps] leaving room for more to come?  It is a prayer...
Colleen3487188 Colleen3487188 4 years
@Peachiz  very, very well said
Peachiz Peachiz 4 years
TOTALLY LOVED IT!!  I was shocked and tearful at the 'twist'...but got glad when I found out they didn't break our Twihearts after all...thank you Mr. Condon.  I just felt like I wanted 'more' of each character...more of Edward and Bella in their cottage with Renesseme, more of the Christmas time, more...everything!  I just wasn't ready for it to end.  But, all good things they say...but who are "they" anyway??  Not sure, but I have loved the books, the films, the characters...Stephenie you've changed the world as we knew it, and have certainly changed how Hollywood 'does business'...thanks for your 'dream' that made all of us so happy.  Can't wait for whatever surprise might be at hand...please? ;)
Colleen3487188 Colleen3487188 4 years
I loved it - the best one of the series.,  I thought I was going to have a stroke, I screamed, I cried, I laughed.  I had every emotion running on overdrive.   Absolutely LOVED LOVED LOVED IT - Kudos to the actors, directoirs, author & screen play writer.  BRAVO
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