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Breaking Dawn Part 2: A Lackluster Goodbye

Until now, the Twilight story has revolved around the Romeo and Juliet-esque romance between a stoic vampire and a swooning human. Not anymore. Breaking Dawn Part 2, the final chapter of the film series adapted from Stephenie Meyer's novels, is a whole new ball game, as Bella (Kristen Stewart) has completed her transformation from fragile, lovestruck teen to powerful newborn vampire and mother. Whether you'll enjoy Breaking Dawn Part 2 really depends on what your stance is on the film's predecessors, because it really is standard Twilight. It's more of the same bad special effects, cheesy dialogue, and laughable moments during tense intervals.

The movie opens following the birth of baby Renesmee, but because she's half vampire, she's growing out of the toddler stage pretty fast. Bella has recovered from that time she was dying (a couple days ago) and is having trouble keeping her fangs out of nearby hikers. Edward (Robert Pattinson) comically watches as his new bride adjusts to her powers and grapples with the news that Bella's BFF Jacob (Taylor Lautner) has "imprinted" — that's a werewolf way of saying he's formed an unbreakable bond — on little "Nessie." Alas, their family bonding time is cut short when the Volturi, headed by creepy-guy extraordinaire Aro (Michael Sheen), get word of Renesmee. They mistakenly believe her to be an "immortal child," and making children into vampires is a big no-no in the vampire world. The Cullens call on all their friends and family throughout the world as witnesses to their daughter's true nature, and meeting all these unusual new characters is one of the film's highlights. Find out what else I took away from the film when you read more.

Twilight fans have probably grown accustomed to the bad acting that remains consistent throughout all the films, and while Breaking Dawn Part 2 has more than its fair share of over-the-top lines delivered poorly, a couple of the actors make their mark. Lee Pace stands out as one of the Cullens' witnesses, a jaded, centuries-old "survivor" who's no stranger to the battlegrounds, it's a pleasure to see Sheen delight in playing the intimidating Aro once again. After several movies, he and Kellan Lutz (who plays Edward's "brother" Emmett) seem like the only main players who are having any fun on set anymore.


The film does have a thrilling climax, as the battle of good and evil commences with an epic action sequence. Though the special effects are a bit lacking, the fight is gasp-worthy. I wish they would have allocated more time to the special effects in the action sequence and less time constructing baby Renesmee with CGI. Mackenzie Foy is adorable as the child version of Renesmee, but the computer-generated baby is distracting and, frankly, pretty creepy.

It's hard to believe it's been four years since Bella and Edward first locked eyes in the cafeteria. It's been a long journey, and though Breaking Dawn Part 2 is by no means a great movie, it at least remains true to form. After five films, the franchise is thankfully not above getting a laugh or two at its own ridiculousness, yet this final adventure is an earnest enough send-off to satisfy fans who do take this love story seriously.

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Sanya3525474 Sanya3525474 4 years
I liked it. Amazing! Watche it at Wave Cinemas, New Delhi and had an amazing time. Yes, it was a little boring but only until that fighting comes up. was gasp-worthy and the best-est part when it turns out that the fight was not even real. There you go. Bang! Enjoyed that part way too much.
Colleen3487188 Colleen3487188 4 years
I really agree with you.  I think they are remarkable actors and actresses.  They played their parts the way they were supposed to.  Crfitics,m like I said, only want you to watch movies that are so deep you don't understand them.  I like to watch a movie to enjoy it and these I more than enjoyed.    Thanks again for your reply and glad you understood what I meant.  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.
Mary3486980 Mary3486980 4 years
Thank you for your apology .I was only confused. Breaking Dawn II took my breath away and did you notice on the critics choice awards for 2013 Twilight Breaking Dawn II  wasn't voted in for any category except best fan base and best chemistry I believe for Kristen Stewart. and Hemsworth for Snow White and the Huntsmen. All of a sudden, last year they had a discussion that they kept winning all the awards (someone complained) I'm sure it was the Harry Potter  clan. I too had so many mixed emotions during this film. The romance, when they embraced each other in their new cottage, Bella being stronger than Edward, that was cute And the end made me gasp I too cried, my husband thought I was silly. I had to tell him to leave me alone and I didn't care who heard. I was so surprised by the ending I smiled and clapped, I was happy, that was a happy ending. All the critics do is tear things apart, they really don't know whats good and what's bad and who are good actors and bad actors. Robert Pattinson is a great actor and is going to go far. I'm so excited and can hardly wait to see his future films. And Kristen Stewart is already a great actress with a long list of films under her belt. The books were great read them over and over, watched movies over and over, listen to soundtracts over and over so "luck" the critics.
Colleen3487188 Colleen3487188 4 years
I'm sorry, I didn't mean you I meant the critics.  I worded it wrong to your reply and I apologize.  I am so tired of the very well paid critics saying how lousy this series is.  They always want the movies that are so dense and you can't understand to be rated one.  The money they took in alone makes a statement.  I thought this last ome was off the chart.  I screamed, I cried and thought I was going to die.  The end was EPIC.  Have you ever seen the movie BLACK SWAN?  It one movie of the year.  I watched and I to this day don't know what the heck that was about.  I thought it had some porn in it, too.  I hated it.  But because it was deep - they think this is the best thing ever.  Wrong.  It is about time they started to realize what the normal people like.  So again I am sorry, and I meant you hit the nail on the head because of it being so awesome.  Have a good day.  And I am going to go see again this week.  LOL   Didn't get enough.
Mary3486980 Mary3486980 4 years
@Colleen3487188  you sent mail to 3486980mary. what do you mean what the heck am I talking about. I'm with you. against all the bad spewing nincompoops!
Colleen3487188 Colleen3487188 4 years
Boy have you hiit the nail on the head.  This was by far the best of the series.  How can you even remotely say "lackluster ending".  This ending was unreal and you held youir breath the whole time.  It was amazing.  I will see it again and when the DVD comes out I will be right there buyhing it so I can watch it as often as I can as I have with the others.  Ylou have know idea what the heck you are talking about.  It was amazing.
Mary3486980 Mary3486980 4 years
I agree totally. Twilight was and still is a great series of movies with great actors, great cinematography and special effects. It will be around for a very long time. Forget all those morons that don't know what they're talking about. Seems like almost every critic and film organization has given Twilight a bad wrap. I think they are just jealous because they've never seen such a group of  fans show up at a premiere like that not to mention the tremendous amount of money they made in their first weekend.
David3393955 David3393955 4 years
I'm tired of the"lacks luster" remark. Reviewers of movies don't really care if a movie is good ,they cut down movies that a great majority of people enjoy, because we like a to escape from every day dull lives .The twilight movies were a godssend .It is nice to see a love story where there are many problems but our characters are able to over come all of them because their love is what holds them together. What is wrong with that?
Colleen3487188 Colleen3487188 4 years
Amen to that
Mary3486980 Mary3486980 4 years
You know you critics out there that constantly keep critizing the Twiight Saga Series to bits are nothing but discriminating fastidious, disapproving, superficial, insignificant sad people & un-emportant to us. You lead a sad life if that's all you do is go around being critical. Robert Pattinson, Taylor Laughtner and many other cast members are good actors.  It's a love story for Christ sake! It's for the teens, what do you expect, Julius JFK with Kevin Costner. And there's nothing wrong with the dynamics of the film or the special effects which I thought were awesome!. So if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.
Colleen3487188 Colleen3487188 4 years
I don;t know who you people are that review these movies but you are out of your mind.  This was the best and it was outrageous.  SO good, unbelieveable - anyone into the Twilight series will agree.  You reviewers need to go awway and stick to the movies that the normal person doesn't have a clue about what is going on.  This movie is for us normals.....   LOVED IT    Goinbg to see it again next week.  So there
David3393955 David3393955 4 years
Robert Pattinson is a fantastic actor. He can show more emotions than any other actor I've seen I've been around a long time and have seen many mediocre astors praised . Here you have an actor who can play anything and make you believe the character . So I hope that you get your head out of your butt, and really watch his performance in all of his movies
David3393955 David3393955 4 years
Apparently the previewer never liked Twilight. As for the acting, it was great. What problem do you have with a love story ? I suppose you would praise movies that are full of the "f" word, or full of pornigraphic sex, or full of blood and gore. The Twilight moves are there to entertain and make you escape a persons mundane life.  wish there were more movies like them.
cichaveg cichaveg 4 years
I meant they had enough money after the first one to use state of the art special effects and hire a better screen writer.
cichaveg cichaveg 4 years
I am tired of Robert Pattinson being called a bad actor when it is really the script that is at fault. The screen writer should have read "Midnight Sun" and she would have understood that Edward may have been trapped in a seventeen year olds body but his mind was not.  We learned in "Midnight Sun" that Edward was not only a college graduate but also had a medical degree. Rob tried to convince them that the way they had him portraying Edward was all wrong but they didn't listen.  So he was trapped playing Edward as if both his mind and body were that of a seventeen year old.  I happen to think Rob is a good actor when he is given a good script.  I look forward to seeing him grow even more as an actor in future films  I also blame Stephanie Myer for not standing up for Edward as she described him in "Midnight Sun".  Even though she did not finish it I think the story in "Midnight Sun" told from Edward's point of view was better than "Twilight".  Edward was a far more interesting character than Bella and the movie scripts did not do him justice leaving Rob to play a character he probably did not like very much.  He said that he understood Edward as he was presented in "Midnight Sun" but was not allowed to play him that way. These movies could have and should have been much better.  They had enough movie after the first one to use state of the art special affects and hire a better screen writer.
natt38 natt38 4 years
LOL! So far people absolutely are loving the movie and are saying it is the best one of all so far and we know why you are so bitter popsugar because you got banned from the premiere.Stay classy!
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