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Breaking Dawn Press Conference at Comic-Con

5 Reveals From the Twilight Cast at Comic-Con: Sexy Vampires, Stolen Items, and More!

Comic-Con is officially under way in San Diego, and we started the day with some press conferences with the cast of Breaking Dawn. First up were Elizabeth Reaser, Ashley Greene, Julia Jones, Nikki Reed, and Booboo Stewart, who answered questions from reporters and showed off great chemistry with each other as they joked and laughed their way through the Q & A. They promised that the big wedding scene will be "amazing," joked about fan encounters, and even dished on their geeky vices. Stay tuned for video of the conference, but for now check out five things they revealed.

  1. Some of the new vamps in Breaking Dawn will be all sexed up. When asked about the new vampire clans that will show up in Breaking Dawn Part 1, Elizabeth Reaser was mostly fixated on their sexy costumes. She said, "There are lots of sexy vampires walking around, like the Denali sisters. Nutty Romanian guys, their outfits were very S&M inspired."
  2. Their last day on set wasn't as poetic as you might think. You may have envisioned hugs and tears from the cast when the final filmed wrapped, but apparently it wasn't that emotional. Reaser said, "It was such a complicated experience because we all had different wrap days, or at least a lot of us did. We had this weird surreal experience of being left over in Canada, and it was a night shoot, and everyone else was gone, including [director] Bill Condon. Peter [Facinelli] and I had a little dinner together in Vancouver. I don't think it had hit any of us yet. We were just in shock and happy to be coming home. We knew we were gonna be promoting the movie for a few more years so it wasn't really over."
  3. Seth Clearwater is a ladies' man. When asked about their weirdest fan encounters, Booboo Stewart, who plays werewolf Seth in the series, said he was once propositioned by a fan. He said, "Once this lady, she was probably about 40, asked me if I wanted to make out. And then she kind of just walked away, like she had blacked out!"
  4. The cast has a geeky side. When asked if they would like to dress up for Comic-Con, Ashley Greene revealed that she would like to dress as a cowboy or alien and run around the convention hall, while Reaser said she'd dress as Batman. As for fanaticism, Stewart said he'd be willing to camp overnight for a Lord of the Rings event, while Reaser said, "I think for me it would only be if I knew the White Stripes were coming to the tent [to greet fans]. But I'd want it to be one of those safari tents."
  5. They steal random items from the set. When asked if any of the cast members had swiped a memento from the series, they gave some unexpected answers. Julia Jones confessed to nabbing some makeup, Greene has a pair of American Apparel sweatpants, and Reaser took some socks, but she assured us, "only because I needed socks."
  6. Stay tuned for lots more updates from Comic-Con!

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