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In 2001, director Bryan Singer and producer Tom DeSanto were preparing to shoot a pilot episode for a Battlestar Galactica series that would act as a sequel to the '70s show when 9/11 happened and SciFi pulled the plug on the project, feeling nervous about airing the Cylon sneak attack. Years later, of course, a whole other team of people did manage to bring BG back to TV, earning a cult following and setting up for a spinoff series, Caprica. Now, reportedly Bryan Singer is attached once more to BG — this time as director of a big screen story.

Now it's a question of which story, exactly, will be told on that big screen: One related to the most recent TV series? Or something closer to what Singer had in mind years ago? One writer over at HitFIx figures a movie version about the recently completed series wouldn't make sense for Singer to do: "I'm not sure I buy that Singer's going to come in just to direct a big-screen version of the show that just finished its run. The series wrapped up pretty conclusively, with The Plan and Caprica already in motion as extensions of that story in different directions."

For his part, writer/producer of the latest BG, Ron Moore, has said he has "no problem with Tom [DeSanto] or anyone else who wants to do a revival of the original cast and characters or do some kind of continuation. If they can get a good story together and get the pieces lined up to do it, then more power to them."

So, fans, if this is a new take on the premise, will you be interested? Or are you too attached to the most recent series to want to see an all-new reimagining on the big screen?

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CaterpillarGirl CaterpillarGirl 8 years
Please No, Dont make a BSG movie. You cannot touch the latest one.
Phil Phil 8 years
I'm not a big fan of Singer's work to begin with. If Singer chooses to depart from the television series', a third interpretation could be interesting, though it'd be hard to separate the re-imagined series after a couple years. I kind of wish he, or someone, would redo the series finale because it was disappointing and preachy.
Lyngay Lyngay 8 years
"Or are you too attached to the most recent series to want to see an all-new re-imagining on the big screen?" This.
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