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Buzz In 2008-06-04 08:30:31

Buzz In: Which Movies Have You Seen Multiple Times in the Theater?

And no, multiple viewings of The Rocky Horror Picture Show doesn't really count. I'm talking about the movies that so captivated your imagination you just had to go back for more. Or the movies that were such a fun event, you piggiebacked along with different friends and family members to keep the party going all weekend.

Just this past weekend, I know there were plenty of girls' nights out. . . and then girls' afternoons out and girls' Sunday evenings out for the Sex and the City movie. When the first Spider-Man came out, I couldn't get enough and may have seen it four times in the theater. I've also heard some mom friends talk about how many times they escorted their kids to Enchanted over the holidays. And um, I might have known someone, who — ahem! — may have seen The Cutting Edge several times in the theater when it came out in 1992.

What movies have you seen more than once in the theaters?


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