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Buzz In, Famous Movie Presidents

Buzz In: Who's Your Favorite Movie President?

Sometimes movie presidents are so much more fun than real life presidents. With a team of talented screenwriters and directors behind them, they often make the kind of grand, inspirational speeches that can be pretty rare in the real world. And they seem to get away with a lot of stuff, too.

Take Kevin Kline's character in the movie Dave, for example. He isn't even supposed to be president, he's just a doppelganger subbing in, which is totally against all the rules and stuff. But you know what? He has a good heart, and that's what matters in movie presidents.

Of course, things get all meta and mind warpy when you start to think about biopic movie presidents, but they count, too, for these purposes. So, who is your favorite movie president? Do you agree with a recent poll that Harrison Ford in Air Force One is the best? I personally like Jeff Bridges (pictured) as President Jackson Evans in The Contender. He nominates a — gasp! — female vice president and all hell breaks loose.


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