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Buzz Gift Guide: Brotherly Love

Today's holiday gift guide features gift ideas for the boys in your family with whom you had to share a bathroom growing up.

The complete series of Arrested Development on DVD will most likely delight your brother while also providing you guys with something to laugh at together if you find that the holiday togetherness is getting to be a bit much.

I really like the Bourne movies, but the guys I know seem to like them even more. Come December 11, you can give your brother the gift of three movies' worth of Jason Bourne eluding the authorities.

If your brother loves both music and video games, consider getting him Rock Band Special Edition for his PlayStation or XBox360. The game comes with a guitar, microphone, and drums so he and his friends can play along with Metallica, Bon Jovi, and more. This would be especially good for a guy who's living in a college dorm or has enough roommates to form an impromptu band in the living room.

Before it was a movie directed by Sean Penn, Into the Wild was a bestselling book by Jon Krakauer about the free-spirited Christopher McCandless and his dangerous journey into the Alaskan wilderness. Your brother may also be interested in another of Krakauer's well-received books, Into Thin Air.

If your brother is too young to have watched The Goonies in its glory days, it's your responsibility to educate the young lad on all things Truffle Shuffle.

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