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Buzz Gift Guide: Gifts for an Audiophile

Today's holiday gift guide is for your audiophile friend — the one who never hears the phone ring because she's got her headphones on and plans her social schedule around her favorite bands' tour dates.

Your audiophile friend might already own all seven pre-In Rainbows Radiohead albums — but just in case, check out this bizarrely cute USB stick that contains the band's complete recordings from 1993 to 2003, including bonus content. Too techie? There's a normal boxed set, too.

Does your friend have years and years of mixtapes languishing on a shelf now that cassette players have gone out of style? Pick up a Griffin iMic, which converts cassette and vinyl recordings to mp3. I've got one, and it's helped me get my favorite music from junior high and high school back in the regular rotation.

Rolling Stone and Spin not your friend's style? A subscription to Mojo might be a good alternative. The British music bible will cost you a bit if you need to ship it to the US, but helping your friend be a well-informed music fanatic might be worth it.

And OK, this one's not so much "audio" as just "phile," but the Meg and Jack White Lomo cameras are pretty craveworthy. Maybe your friend could use them to keep a record of her encounters with her favorite rock stars.

nancita nancita 9 years
Wow that iMic thing is totally awesome. my mix tapes are so sadly languishing. Too bad it's more than $25 or I'd use this comment as a "hint hint" to whomever got my name in the Secret Santa game.
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