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Buzz Gift Guide: Smartypants!

Today's holiday gift guide is dedicated to your friends and family members who seem to know everything about pop culture . . . and everything else, for that matter!

I received these pop culture crossword puzzles for my birthday this year, and I absolutely love them. For any pop culture junkie, these are the perfect mix of fun and challenging.

Those with an encyclopedic knowledge of television might enjoy going toe-to-toe with the editors of Television Without Pity on TV minutiae. 752 Things We Love to Hate (and Hate to Love) about TV is a snarky, cross-referenced guide to all things tube.

Your smartypants friend probably already caught all of the Planet Earth segments on TV, but if she has the whole series on DVD (plus the official companion book!) it's easier for her to commit all the facts to memory and then sprinkle them into common conversation. You know, like a smartypants does.

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