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Buzz In: Is HIMYM Giving Up on Barney and Robin Too Easily?

How I Met Your Mother, why must you toy with my emotions?! After just seven episodes of dating seriously, Barney and Robin are broken up and tonight Barney will be back to his old ways of lovin' and leavin'. What's more annoying is that their time together hasn't been crazy in love, and their break up is such a depressing way to end any TV relationship: with Barney gaining weight and Robin letting herself go. As the audience, you wanted them to break up, and I don't think that's fair.

When I asked you guys if you thought Barney and Robin would make it as a real couple, many of you expressed fear that the writers would break them up after a short time, so it's not like we all didn't see this one coming. Still, we went through a whole season of Barney pining over Robin, and tonight we're already back to them being single again. I didn't expect these two to have the easiest route, but I just wish they'd given them a fair shake. What do you think? Do you think they'll be back together by the end of the season?

Photo courtesy of CBS

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