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I have a friend who just can't figure out why people are so in love with Glee — she thinks the plots are too outrageous and watching the cast sing just makes her feel embarrassed for the actors. My best friend's boyfriend thinks that Mad Men is unwatchably boring. I've tried time and again to extol the virtues of both these shows on the haters, but they just will not budge.

These two shows are getting tons of press recently, and it seems like I can't go anywhere without hearing people gush about them, but as with everything, the feeling is not universal. I've always felt sort of guilty for my inability to fall in love with Twin Peaks, which has the same sort of status in many people's hearts. So I want to know — are there any totally hyped up or beloved shows that you are just not that into?

Check out more on these shows in our community like The Glee Club and Mad Men groups!

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