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Buzz In: What TV Ads Do You Loathe — or Love — Right Now?

The Associated Press recently investigated the phenomenon of widespread hatred for Toyota's "Saved by Zero" ad campaign. The ad — which appears to play almost constantly during NFL games, among other things — has drawn the ire of viewers (currently, there are 10 Facebook groups opposing it, the largest of which has 2,500 members). I'm definitely among those who have gotten annoyed with the (admittedly catchy) jingle.

On the other hand, I honestly cannot get enough of the Brooke Shields ads for the Volkswagen Routan that feature Shields warning people about the "Routan baby boom." I've actually stopped forwarding through an ad break just to watch one, and I just devoted four minutes of my own time to watch this extended mockumentary.

Tell me: What ads are you loving and hating right now?


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longhornlass04 longhornlass04 8 years
Ok, i can appreciate it's humor, but then i start overanalyzing the Skittles commercial where everything he touches turns to Skittles. I mean the guy looks so sad everytime it happens, but everytime he reaches for something, he always forgets what will happen. I have this innervoice that always screams "don't answer the phone!" And even though some of you are creeped by it, I love the talking baby E*Trade ads. Especially the one where his "girl" calls.
californiagirlx7 californiagirlx7 8 years
"I really like the Macy's commercial where it shows clips from old and new TV shows talking about Macys. I dont particularly like Macys but the commercial is really sweet." I love this one too! It's so nostalgic. The Sonic commercials are great too.
arienne arienne 8 years
I love the Brook Sheilds ads! My husband stops the TiVo to watch them. I also like the ads, and the the cellular phone ones where the dad comes home with a bigger plan and the son says "now you can call the lady you stare at during my soccer games."
limelindsey limelindsey 8 years
My most recent hated commercial is the Carl's Jr breakfast one, where people are eating invisible just grosses me out! Actually, I hate most Carl's Jr commercials, except the one where the guy is dancing and shaking a cow - it was for their new milkshakes and they actually played the song "milkshake." It was pretty funny.
PinkNC PinkNC 8 years
I cannot stand that 5$ footlong Subway commerical. That gorilla is so darn ugly in one of them. But I do like the Brooke Shields ads for the Volkswagen Routan, so far anyway. I rarely watch TV so her commercials haven't gotten on my nerves yet.
lovelipgloss lovelipgloss 8 years
Can't Stand: Brooke Shields and VW Subway 5 for 5 Saved by 0 Free Credit Report (because the voice and guy don't match at all) Bud Light's Drinkability Anything with Billy Mays shouting at me Love: AT&T Swiffer - Baby Come Back Hover Round when they go to the Grand Canyon and it echoes Bud Light's Real American Heroes / Men of Genius
Drewsfan Drewsfan 8 years
I love the orbitz gum clean mouth commercials, especially where the women are arguing over the guy. 'Who are you calling a cootie queen, you lint licker!?' It's so hilarious how she says 'lint licker' I also am with you guys on the AT&T rollover minutes commercials, the one kid is soooo funny. ipod commercials are super catchy, especially the one with Feist. The axe commercials are usually great, but the new one with the chocolate dude is SUPER creepy. I want to murder the Glade lady.
ciaositos ciaositos 8 years
I love the swiffer commercial too! My roomies and I are suckers for the Amex commercials, particularly the DVF one
LadyLiLa83 LadyLiLa83 8 years
Hate: Sarah MacLachlan "Angel" puppy one (makes me cry) Saved by 0 5 Dollar Footlongs Any commercial for Emerald Nuts The one for Yoplait where the lady takes her clothes in to be altered, and she's arguing with the seamstress "So you need them let out?" "No" UGH!! Love: The AT&T commercials with the mom, dad and two sons arguing about the rollover minutes " BFF Jill" The one with the girl arguing with her mom, but it was all reversed, like she goes "I LOVE YOU!" and the mom goes "I know you really mean that!" Just about any Bud Light commercial
kmckay kmckay 8 years
ha- we were just talking about this at work today.... everyone was in agreement that the WORST commericials ever are the saved by zero and that damn friendly's woman with her stupid head jerk and horn beeping. people (including me) are actually angry with them. and those 5 dollar foot long commercials are really bad too, however not nearly as bad as those other 2
jspeed jspeed 8 years
Hate the Subway ad "five dollar foot long" get stuck in my head. it sounds dirty to me...
tlsgirl tlsgirl 8 years
BTW brandiesel, I like how I've come to count on a great avatar from you :)
californiagirlx7 californiagirlx7 8 years
I LOATHE those Brooke Shields commercials. I like her, but the gimmick sucks. I don't even understand it...I have to mute the TV whenever I see it come on.
girlA girlA 8 years
I HATE the Brook Shields commercials.
Sun_Sun Sun_Sun 8 years
i love the swiffer commercial where the doorbell rings and its flowers from her old mop "baby come back, u can blame it all on me" LOOOL i love it and i HATE the ...well i've got time in a bottle, with her stupid fake laugh every two seconds blekh
chow chow 8 years
i used to hate the dashers commercial. i havent seen it in a long time though... which is good. i like the att commercials. and the new guitar hero ones.
penguins268 penguins268 8 years
I love love love the "isn't your sister lactose intolerant?" So funny! A few years ago there was a Skittles commercial with a rabbit that was singing like "ahhh yuuuuhhhaaa!!!" Hilarious. ( And there was a Starburst one with some crazy elf man going "berries and cream! berries and cream!" and dancing around. Oh! and I love those California cheese cow commercials. So cute!
mom2ross mom2ross 8 years
Greatscott200, you must be a young one! The song was originally done by The Fixx (I know someone else referenced the video earlier.) They were/are a great band, actually. Do you know "Red Skies", "One Thing Leads to Another", "Stand or Fall"?
greatscott200 greatscott200 8 years
The VW commercials don't really bother me,I think it's cute. But the saved by zero ads make me MAD! I don't know if I'm missing something, like I should be recognizing the song "Saved by Zero" but I don't and it's freaking annoying. It's on every 4th ad on football nights, I can't stand it. I'm generally tired of all drug prescription ads. I do love the credit report commericals with the 3 guys singing, funny. If you live in the DC area, there are cashpoint ads. "Get the cash you need in a flash at cash point!" they are re-dic-u-lous. It's like, bring in your car title and get CA$H, like there aren't any consequences later, like they now own your car if you don't pay them!
tiabia tiabia 8 years
I, too, LOVE those commercials.
hil34 hil34 8 years
I hate the McDonald's ad when the guy goes to his girlfriend's workplace and she takes his lunch. It plays every ad break!!!
Briandiesel Briandiesel 8 years
tlsgirl! and then they all laugh so annoyingly at her! yah I hate that one also! lol My favorite commercial right now and has been since it came out is the Skittles commercial where the older guy turns whatever he touches into skittles! I think thats AMAZING!
tlsgirl tlsgirl 8 years
You are soooo right Alison L! I mean, do they really need to show the nasty, crusty feet and the foot shavings? Gross!
Alison-L Alison-L 8 years
I can't stand the Ped Egg foot file commercials. I have to change the channel so I don't barf.
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