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Buzz In: What TV Scenes Do You Like to Revisit Online?

TV critic Alan Sepinwall recently posted a fun pick-me-up: a list of his all-time favorite TV-related YouTube videos, including Natalie Portman's profanity-laced digital short for Saturday Night Live, David Caruso's one-liners-and-sunglasses fest from CSI: Miami, and the Robin Sparkles video from How I Met Your Mother — all of which would also make my personal list of clips that I've watched over and over again.

In fact, the ability to rehash favorite scenes is one of my favorite things about YouTube (and Hulu, and whatever other online video site you prefer). Some others that are on my frequently watched list: the Cleveland and Jefferson clips from 30 Rock, David Bowie's appearance on Extras, and the opening credits of My So-Called Life, which give me that tingle down my spine every time.

What are the TV scenes you can't help watching over and over again online?

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