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Buzz In: What TV Show's Success Baffles You?

Over the weekend, the New York Times ran a feature on CBS's NCIS, which has somehow become the most successful show on television. It's currently dominating two different nights (Tuesdays, when new episodes air, and Fridays, when it airs in repeats) and has also made a splash in reruns on cable.

This is all a little weird to me because — forgive me, NCIS fans — I've never really thought of the show as anything more than "CSI on a boat." To be TV's most-watched show, beating even the many CSIs? That seems crazy!

That got me thinking about TV shows that have risen to extreme popularity that you just don't get, no matter how hard you try. Are you baffled by your friends who arrange Thursdays around that sex-and-medicine show called Grey's Anatomy? Do you roll your eyes the second anyone says the words American Idol? Air your grievances below!

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ibiteback ibiteback 8 years
I LOVE NCIS. It has so much more humor than CSI. The characters, rather than the crimes, are the focus of the show. I also like that it's cleaner than most shows on TV today. The characters have flaws and not all the actors/actresses are that well known but they do a great job with their characters. I cannot understand Grey's Anatomy. When it came on all I thought of was House copy-cat.
mariemjs mariemjs 8 years
Well, I do love NCIS as well as Criminal Minds (which has big ratings every wednesday night by the way, so all you CM fans, get out there and show the love!!), and the new ones : the Mentalist and Eleventh Hour. I think it's all about CBS, and I like CBS shows when they have fantastic cast, with very strong characters and some great dialogues. They rely on great performances (Simon Baker in the Mentalist is literally "making" the show, Rufus Sewell has this charming and fascinating presence, the Criminal Minds cast is so ecclectic and perfectly attuned that you can only feel for them, etc...). Add the constant humor for NCIS and you obviously have the perfect mix between procedural and fun! It does make sense, I know the show has an incredible appeal to lots of people who aren't generally into shows(example : My aunt is addicted, but don't watch anything else, what are the odds?). I do think it's also up to the people to like or not like procedural shows, and there are a lot on TVs.. I'm ok with liking some them ;) The science/nerd/geek in me is happy with investigation and behavior analysis! Though, on the contrary, CSI is just dead to me, the show is sinking big ways, and the spin offs never existed in my world, it just didn't work. Kill the franchises already, and focus on the new shows. My absolute fav are strong shows like Dexter, Battlestar Galactica, Rome, or recently, the good fun that was True Blood! If I had to mention some annoying shows, I would say the new 90210(dumb), Grey's Anatomy(fuckin irritating, for the first time in my life I'm jumping through the episode just to get a glimpse of Kevin McKidd, that's all LOL!), Lost (never never never got into that one), DH (got bored after a bunch of episodes), and so on.
daddio49 daddio49 8 years
American Idol, the Bachelor, Dancing with the Stars - I just don't understand why people go so crazy over reality shows (except Top Chef, of course)
bransugar79 bransugar79 8 years
I have to admit that I'm not really into many reality shows. i don't think any of us really enjoy them that much (with the exception of the MOLE which I wish was on every day on every channel). I wish American Idol was over and all the other spin off copies of it. I think shows liek that are interesting for one season and then it's like so what you're trying to find another great singer woo hoo. Also and this is maybe just my own little tangent rant, why do they have to keep increasing the fluff in already fluffy shows? Like maybe I wouldn't mind American Idol so much without the weeks of audition shows and then group elimination shows that show takes up so much of the calendaryear it's rediculous meanwhile I have to wait two or three weeks to see a real show like Pushing Daisies. just boil the reality down to the absolute essentials if you have to have it and then get it off my tube I'm done
arienne arienne 8 years
Lost - argh...
katiedid0985 katiedid0985 8 years
Thank you, the freaking Hills! What a waste of time, I can't believe people watch that stuff AND there's going to be a spin off. The Real World (used to be good now it's just a bunch of wannabe famous people getting drunk and hooking up), anything with Paris Hilton (her search for her new BFF makes me want to gouge out my eyes!) and I am surprised that Two and a Half Men is one of the top rated shows, on the air, not such a surprise, but top rate? Also new Family Guy, some of the old stuff was funny, but it's just ridiculous now, and American Dad is pretty much the same (although it never was really funny).
nikecold nikecold 8 years
the new 90210 exists to make people like me who have nothing better to do, get shamefully sucked in by the bad acting, bad wardrobe, stupid characters and the complete cheesiness of it all. And still I can't stop watching it :s even though I know its crap. And thank god i'm not the only one who can't STAND family guy.
Ikandy Ikandy 8 years
Most reality shows.
psychobabble psychobabble 8 years
I generally don't get reality TV, I just don't see the point to most of those shows.
krae85 krae85 8 years
mrscharles, i totally have a rant for you. I also hate family guy and they are giving seth macfarlane (the creator) another show for the fox sunday night lineup which means he will have three of the four shows (his other is american dad). they're all garbage!!! future fox line-up: the simpsons garbage more garbage and even more garbage
tlsgirl tlsgirl 8 years
The Office (don't get the appeal, don't think it's funny, don't think Jim's cute), American Idol (please God, make it stop), Survivor. And I know they're not still on, but I've never understood the appeal of Friends or Will and Grace.
lilkimbo lilkimbo 8 years
I love 30 Rock! (And I am not a celebrity.) I think with 30 Rock and The Office, you have to have a very specific sense of humor. Also, I am appalled that people don't like Seinfeld! (No offense to any of you; I just LOVE it!) When I was reading through these comments, I said to myself, "According to Jim is still on?" So yeah, According to Jim. And Two and a Half Men. I don't absolutely hate it, but I don't think there's anything great about it, either. By the way, slightly off-subject, but does anyone watch Psych? I love it!
mrscharles-2007 mrscharles-2007 8 years
Sorry, but I can't believe I left off 30 Rock. I tried to watch to understand it, but I just can't. The only reason it's popular is because the celebrities love to watch shows about their lives. I also don't get Family Guy...I think I'm dumber for ever seeing an episode.
mrscharles-2007 mrscharles-2007 8 years
24, Kath & Kim (surely that one won't last), and I agree about CSI...I never got into it, and I'd much rather watch Law & Order. CSI was on TV Land the other day! I couldn't believe it!
Mykie7 Mykie7 8 years
The office. I know everyone seems to love it, and I usually LOVE Campy comedy but not this one. Steve Carrell is great, yes, but he would be the ONLY reason I watched it if I did. I watched one episode and just didn't like it.
Renees3 Renees3 8 years
I'm amazed that Knight Rider is still on. I cringe when I watch it. I'm a little bummed that someone mentioned Chuck, it's such a loveable show. I can undertand people not liking Lost, you have to start from the beginning in order for it to even remotely make sense. I don't like any reality contesty shows. Sometimes I'll watch American Idol, but only for the guest singer if it's a good one. I don't mind reality shows like home impreovement and such, but things like the hills and the bachelor are trash. Also I do not get the appeal of gossip girl or priveleged or things like that. Great bratty trashy rich kids. Just what I want to waste my time on.
Francoisehardly Francoisehardly 8 years
I don't get why there needs to be more than 1 CSI. I don't get how Knight Rider is any competition for Pushing Daisies. I would probably say most or all reality shows and maybe several sitcoms I already saw mentioned.
Angela123 Angela123 8 years
THE FREAKING HILLS. I cannot stand that show. And the new 90210. Why does that exist?
NadiaPotter NadiaPotter 8 years
NCIS rocks! even with the goth girl.. but on the other hand, I can't stand most of the "reality" shows. And yeah, knight rider is still on? even my friend, who loved the car told me that the show was a joke. ER isn't over yet? and the Hills? everybody hates Spencer and Heidi, still, the shows is on, and there's supposed to be a reason. We can't go putting a list of 20 shows we hate, that's kind of nonsense, but really, I don't understand the "ratings", they don't give any show a one season ticket, on 2nd episode they said "OK, you're out, bye" and they put some reality show, and they're running out of ideas (kid nation!? WTF).
CaterpillarGirl CaterpillarGirl 8 years
The Hills- Lost brain cells just looking at pictures of the show, i know its a "guilty pleasure" for some, but I would think less of anyone who seriously watches it. Gossip Girl- the books were insipid nonsense and so is the show. Ugly Betty- I cant buy it, no matter what Bettys getup is ridiculous and campy and the show is stupid. I have tried to watch it, and found myself regretting the lost time. NCIS- the goth girl lost it for me.
brookberrys brookberrys 8 years
Anything reality. I loathe Survivor and Big Brother. And I L-O-V-E NCIS. I wish I worked with someone like Abby Sciuto. She's so fun!
skigurl skigurl 8 years
anything that's impossible, like buffy or charmed or other stupid sci-fi crap
krae85 krae85 8 years
lol I LOVE the bachelor!!! and I used to like two and a half men too, it's at least funny. But I agree, American Idol needs to go and all the other "talent"/ singing shows, and anything hosted by nick lachey, bleh.
Black-Velveteen Black-Velveteen 8 years
The Hills Gossip Girls Priviledged the new 90210 Any celeb or reality TV show Dancing With The stars American Idol Grey's Anatomy Chuck Heroes
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