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Buzz In: What's the Weirdest Place You've Watched TV?

Buzz In: What's the Weirdest Place You've Watched TV?

Recently, I came across this study that claimed shoppers were really connecting with TV programming shown in grocery store checkout lines. I've only come across those screens a couple of times (and I can't say I ever really paid attention), but the story got me thinking about other odd places I've watched TV.

A few days ago, I noticed that one of the coffee shops I frequent now has a small screen that shows TV promos. I've heard stories of people watching TV in cabs and on their cell phones on road trips, and I've seen some shows broadcast live in Times Square and checked out ads while pumping gas at a rest stop. While technology has made TV more portable, this isn't an entirely new phenomenon: I remember going to a baseball game several years ago, learning it was sold out, and watching the TV broadcast of the game on some other unlucky fan's portable TV.

So, whether it was recently or years ago, what's the weirdest place you've watched TV?


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