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Buzz In: What Are Your Hopes and Fears For the SATC Sequel?

It's officially official: The Sex and the City sequel is so happening and might be in theaters by 2010. When the first movie came out, it broke records and reminded the folks who rule Hollywood that hey, look at that, you can have a cast full of women over 30 years old and it will still be successful.

And while that's cause for celebration, it would be cool to improve upon that first movie, since as long as we're all shelling out the box office cash to see these beloved characters, we should get a quality film. So, let's chime in on what we're looking for in a SATC sequel. I'll start:

First of all, I can't deal with any more Big drama. They can't have him screw her over any more, right? Secondly, I hope they find something a little more meaningful for these characters to strive for beyond "labels and love." But! That doesn't mean they have to go plain Jane on the fashion. I want to see fabulous outfits, just without the tacky label dropping. Carrie did a lot of thrift shopping in the series, they should get back to that. Finally, I say "nay" to Carrie having a kid. There just has to be something else she can do.

You all told me you wanted this sequel so now that it's definitely coming, it's your turn to sound off. What do you want it to look like? What could they do with the story at this point?

Photo courtesy of New Line Cinema

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