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Buzz In: What Are Your Hopes For the Mad Men Season Finale?

Tonight, the third season of Mad Men wraps up, and there couldn't be more characters and plotlines on a precipice. Last week, Betty told Don she doesn't love him anymore and got a marriage proposal from Henry, and Pete was looking close to leaving Sterling Cooper. The season has also been building up other situations that may come to a head tonight, such as Joan and Roger's relationship, Salvatore's unjustified firing, and the casting aside of Don's latest mistress, Suzanne, who seems to me to be a bit unstable.

There's rarely a happy ending on this show, but for some reason, I'd still really like to see Don fight for Betty; now that she knows he was Dick Whitman, they could have a chance to start over in a more honest place. In the meantime, I hope they resolve the Sal plot and bring him back — he has to come back! As does the show's resident bombshell, Joan Holloway, whom I predict must be returning to either the office — or to Roger's arms. These are my hopes for the season finale tonight; what are yours?

Photo courtesy of AMC

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